2nd Mate

Job Responsibilities

2nd Mate Job Vacancy In Seattle USA

The primary responsibility of this position is assisting the captain with towing, docking, and unloading of barge and other vessels, from port to port. Other duties include steering, operating, pushing, and pulling of barges as directed by the captain to its perspective destinations and/or berths. He/she is responsible for the safety of the vessel and crew while docked, as well as for the safe movement and navigation of the vessel and their tows while underway. While towing, the Mates attention is focused on water depth, weather, surging and other traffic, keeping the tow wire, which at times is at great length, clear of the bottom, navigational aids, and other vessels. The Second Mate also assists with supervision of the crew. The Mate assists the Captain and maintains the crew in matters of safety, seamanship, maintenance, navigation, and other duties as directed by the Captain. He/she directly operates winches, engines, generators and electrical systems along with wheel house navigational electronics and devices. The Mate is supervised by the Captain and reports to the Shoreside Port Captain.

Essential Functions


  • Must be familiar with and observe proper safety practices, procedures and routines.
  • Must be familiar with emergency procedures including fire, man overboard, abandon ship and pollution response.
  • One also may be required to serve as lookout at times when the vessel is navigating in reduced visibility.
  • Maritime background with a thorough understanding of vessel operations and equipment capabilities/limitations.
  • Ability to communicate, in English, across all written, spoken and listening levels.
  • Physical duties may consist of working with heavy chain bridles, pennants, and the securing of cargo and gear.
  • Knowledge of mechanical machinery, rigging, and movements.
  • Possess good interpersonal skills in order to effectively supervise crew members, and interact with customers and vendors.

Minimum Requirements

  • 5 Years sea-going experience on towing vessels preferred.
  • Must have a valid USCG Merchant Mariner Document or Merchant Mariner Credential.
  • Must have a minimum USCG 1600 GT Mate upon Oceans License with Mate of Towing Vessels upon Oceans and STCW 2010.
  • Must possess a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC).
  • Must have a valid U.S. Passport.


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