Able-Bodied Seaman

Job Responsibilities

- For Watch Standing Able-Bodied Seaman (AB) is Navigational watchkeeping lookout , whenver required and report to the OOW as soon as vessels, navigational ojects are sighted or heard
-The AB to perform the function as helmsman when required and provided being familiar with the vessel's steering characteristics
-To Carry put any work assigned by the Chief Officer or OOW in the Maintenance of the vessel and its equipments , good housekeeping and cleaning of the deck areas and the accomodation or other duties as requested and relevant to the job role and ship's safety
-Performance maintenance of the lashing equipment as directed by the Chief Officer.
IN Port:
- To keep gangway access control as per the ship's security plan (SSP)
-Report any breaches to the OOW or Ship's Security Officer (SSO)
-Perform Watch duties and assist ensuring the vessel remains safely moored through all stages of cargo operations and tides, under the supervision of the OOW
-Under the Supervision of the Chief Officer or OOW assist in ensuring that all cargo is secured and cargo area safe
-Under the supervision of Chief officer, OOW or other officer, assist with tasks related to loading and unloading of cargo, which are normally required to be carried out by the vessel's crew memebers
-Under the supervision of Chief Officer or Electrical Engineer, assist with plugging and unplugging of on-deck reefers, if this does not interfere with the AB other assigned responsibilities and can be perfored in a safe manner


- 12 Months Rank Exp
- AB COP (Regulation II/5) Mandatory
-Certificates compliant to STCW 2010 Manila amendments reuirements

Job location