Able Bodied Seaman

Job Responsibilities

  • Performs “Helmsman” duties as required receiving direct verbal orders on steering directions or courses from the Deck Watch Officer, Master, Pilot or Mooring Master and manually manipulating the vessel’s wheel.
  • Stands at sea “Lookout” watches as required.
  • Stands “Hose” and “Gangway” watch while in port ensuring that hose pressures do not exceed authorized allowances and that no leakage occurs during the transfer of cargo; keeps a continuous lookout to prevent unauthorized personnel from boarding the vessel and ensures that the gangway is always properly rigged.
  • Stands cargo watch communicating gauge tape readings to watch officer and assist with turning of cargo valves.
  • Assists the Deck Officer on watch during loading and discharging operations, performing all functions and other such duties that may arise.
  • Performs maintenance and other seaman’s duties required on deck, under the direction of the Bosun or Chief Mate.


  • Active and positive participant in monthly safety meeting.
  • Points out unsafe acts or conditions to everyone on board.
  • Stops work if unsafe conditions or practices are uncovered.
  • Able to participate in an Emergency Response team.

Teamwork/Working With Others

  • Effective in relating to others
  • Willing to assist others.
  • Works well under pressure.
  • Maintains an appropriate demeanor and appearance.

Pre-employment Screening Consists Of

  • DOT drug testing & Non-DOT hair drug test
  • Background check
  • Physical Fitness for Duty examination
  • Functional capacity evaluation

Required Qualifications

  • Current USCG Merchant Mariner document
  • STCW 95 endorsements, Basic Training, VPDSD
  • Tankerman Assist or Tankerman Dangerous Liquid
  • Valid USCG/STCW Medical Certificate
  • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Valid Passport

Relocation Options:

Relocation will not be considered.

International Considerations

Expatriate assignments will not be considered.

Chevron regrets that it is unable to sponsor employment Visas or consider individuals on time-limited Visa status for this position.

Job location

San Ramon, USA