Able Seaman

Job Responsibilities


The Able Seaman is responsible for assisting in the safe and efficient completion of the duties required by the Chief Officer's standing Work Routines, planned maintenance jobs, operational duties, mooring/unmooring, loading/unloading, marshalling of traffic, securing/unlashing of vehicles and general maintenance to the parts of the vessel managed by the Chief Officer including cleaning, painting and greasing.


Carrying out his duties as set in the Muster list during any Emergency.


Carrying out lookout and general bridge duties as directed.


Carrying out fire and safety patrols as directed.


Assisting in the maintenance of all firefighting, safety and lifesaving equipment.


Attending all statutory fire and safety drills on-board and to assist in training as required by the Master.





At Stena Line your personality matters just as much as how good you are at what you do. In our employees we like to see use of initiative, creativity and enthusiasm within all aspects of their position, such as actively looking for information and guidance from Senior Officers. We seek innovative, responsible and energetic individuals who have the drive to continually develop and grow within their role, and who have a passion for what they do.


Essential Certification:


STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting


STCW Personal Survival Techniques


STCW Elementary First Aid


STCW Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


STCW Certificate of Proficiency in Survival Crafts & Rescue Boats


STCW Designated Security Duties


Certificate of proficiency as Able Seafarer Deck II/5

Job location

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom