Able Seaman

Job Responsibilities

The successful post holder must be engaged under the direction and supervision of the Mate/Bosun/GPPO, or responsible superiors of his department, some the duties include but are not limited to the following

  • Operations when stationed for entering and leaving port.
  • To handle mooring lines which include heaving lines/fenders.
  • To fasten or let go tug lines.
  • To fit or take off rat guards.
  • To assist rig and house the pilot ladders.
  • Look out and steering duties as required.
  • Other operations instructed by his superiors.
  • Ballasting and deballasting operations.
  • To assist handling of valves on ballast lines
  • Assist the taking of soundings during ballasting/deballasting operations.
  • Assist carry out ballasting/deballasting operations as per instructions of Chief Officer or Officer-on-Watch.
  • Handling/receipt of spares and consumables. To assist receiving/offloading of ships spares/supplies.
  • Cargo handling gears/lifting equipment’s:

Other duties as assigned.


What You Need To Do The Job

AB’s Ticket

Basic Sea Survival

Fire Fighting

ENG 1 Medical

Health & Safety awareness

Manual Handling


Marine Services, Clyde, Faslane, G84 7JU

Full time, 48 hours


Here at HMNB Faslane in Clyde we currently have a number of Able Seaman vacancies available at our Faslane site. The onsite Serco team performs a variety of tasks that centre around the towing of international military vessels along with the transportation of passengers and other assets. In short, we help to keep allied navies operational.

The Able Seaman is required to perform works as required in the maintenance and repair programmes of the vessel and to assist deck hands, maintain and repair deck hands, maintain and repair deck related items under the direction of the Chief Officer or Boatswain.

They must take post at stations specified by the Master, Duty Officer or Bosun GPPO and carry out operational instructions under the direction of his superiors.

Job location

Helensburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom