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Able Seaman Job In UK

The Role

This position based in the UK and open only to British Passport Holders. The “Able-bodied” seaman, or AB, is appointed to support the Officers in their roles and will report to the Chief Officer. The Scope and main purposes of the position are to assist the running of a watch where necessary by operating as a helmsman, look-out or other duties dictated by circumstance. Other tasks will require them to be practiced in General Maintenance, repair, sanitation and upkeep of material, equipment and designated areas of the Deck department.


  • Standing watches as look-out or helmsman on the Bridge or at the gangway.
  • Assist with emergency duties such as, but not limited to, firefighting, Man-overboard or oil spillage aboard ship.
  • Carry out Security patrols on deck and around the accommodation.
  • Duties involving mooring the vessel including handling warps and ropes
  • Handling and Securing items on deck such as Cargo, boats or other items
  • Garbage handling
  • If the sufficiently experienced to act in charge of other ABs
  • Be able to act as Coxswain of the Jolly Boat as and when required.
  • Any other duties as required.

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