CAD Operator

Job Responsibilities


The CAD Operator/Marine Designer is responsible for developing complex designs for existing and conceptualized ships, systems and associated equipment, including feasibility evaluations and design compliance assessments with applicable regulatory, class society and customer requirements. Prepares and revises plans and drawings using design software for marine vessel construction and modification projects and customer proposals.


Scope Of Duties And Responsibilities


The duties of the CAD Operator/Marine Designer shall include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:


  • Uses AutoCAD™, Rhino™, and other software tools for ship design work, including 3D Modeling, in support of commercial proposals and project modifications to existing fleet vessels using established Company standards and guidelines. Drawings include but are not limited to structural, mechanical, arrangements, lines plans, piping and electrical diagrams. The Marine Designer shall also perform weight and center of gravity material take‐off calculations.
  • Develops complex designs and associated technical documentation for current and conceptualized ships, systems and equipment. Prepares plans and drawings using design software. Evaluates designs and design concepts for feasibility.
  • Confers with engineering and operations personnel to establish optimal arrangement of equipment and propulsion machinery, heating and ventilating systems, refrigeration equipment, electrical components, piping, cargo systems and other functional equipment.
  • Assesses design compliance with regulatory, company and customer standards, as well as classification society rules. In addition, designs are reviewed to ensure compliance with safety and ergonomic standards.
  • Interfaces with suppliers, vendors/contractors and cross functional teams to ensure necessary resources are feasible and available for ship/system.
  • Researches new technology and/or development tools to remain informed of current technology and best practices for lowest life cycle cost design standards for ships in a marine environment.
  • Completes technical documentation, specification development and project reporting as directed in support of ship design, modification and commercial proposal development activities.
  • Establishes and implements CAD standards for all technical drawings.
  • Protects the Company. Meets corporate regulatory, safety, environmental and configuration management compliance objectives. Ensures strict confidentiality of all Company information; does not disclose any information outside the Company without prior approval at the Director level or above.
  • Responsible for New Construction and Capital Project Data Administration. Follows filing system processes for all technical files and drawings related to new construction and modifications to existing vessel fleet as well as tasks created as a result of inter-Company departmental requests.
  • All other duties as assigned by management.


  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Aided Design or a marine related technical discipline or equivalent industry experience of not less than eight (8) years.
  • Experience: Five years’ experience minimum in ship design field. Shipyard experience is preferred and some marine experience is required.
  • Skills:
  • A strong knowledge of AutoCAD™ (most current release preferred) and MS Office software as well as knowledge of engineering drafting standards.
  • Blue print and specification reading skills are a must. Excellent oral and written communication skills required.
  • Familiarity with Rhino™ and Ship Constructor™ software tools required.
  • Ability to get along well with others.
  • Certifications/Licenses: Must be able to obtain TWIC and valid driver’s license.
  • Must be willing to board and ride vessels to increase understanding of how this role supports our business.




Problem Solving


  • Anticipates the impact of decisions and actions on others
  • Identifies recurring problems and offers solutions based on facts and data
  • Seeks out expert opinion when making decisions and solving problems
  • Is thorough and attentive to detail
  • Keeps his/her manager involved on important issues and/or problems


Work the Plan


  • Achieves closure and follows through on tasks and projects
  • Effectively multi-tasks and efficiently manages time
  • Delivers a timely, complete, and accurate work product
  • Clearly communicates what he/she needs from others to get the job done
  • Follows established policies and procedures


Inspire Trust


  • Demonstrates a strong service orientation to both internal and external customers
  • Takes personal responsibility for decisions and mistakes; does not shift blame
  • Is approachable and easy to deal with; handles pressure in in a calm manner
  • Deals with people in a candid, straightforward, and respectful manner
  • Acts with the highest level of integrity and professionalism and demonstrates a strong work ethic


Personal Learning


  • Seeks professional development, training, and relevant certifications
  • Remains open and non-defensive to feedback
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn new things and take on more responsibility
  • Asks for feedback from his/her managers on how to improve




  • Keeps open lines of communication with others
  • Works collaboratively with people within and across departments to accomplish objectives
  • Is understanding of others’ time demands and work load
  • Builds personal relationships with people across the company
  • Is quick to offer help to others in getting the job done




  • Remains open-minded to others’ ideas, input and new ways of doing things
  • Makes suggestions on how to improve processes and create efficiencies
  • Demonstrates flexibility to changing priorities and work demands
  • Fully supports company decisions and initiatives
Job location

Covington, LA, USA