Captains Room Coordinator

About the job

Captains Room Coordinator


The Captains Room Coordinator acts as the direct liaison between ship owners, ship’s officers and port officials. They arrange for arrival and departure services for efficient port stay. Provide necessary information as per requirements of the local authorities. Working in a 24/7 shift system, supporting all MSC operated vessels.Ensure flawless handling of operational tasks to provide highest quality service to our customers, vessels and crew.


Core tasks:

1. Order and control nautical services with the aim to avoid/reduce costs for waiting time and/or cancelations to a minimum. Administrate service level issues.

2. Coordinate and control Vessel services related activities, i.e. bunker activities, ships’ repairs, ships’ stores deliveries, crew changes, taxi, hospital, doctor, dentist visits etc. with the aim to avoid affecting the port stay.

3. Decline and/or charge costs for waiting time and/or cancelations for nautical services caused by 3rd parties.

4. Handle late runners after Terminal cargo cut-off and last-minute changes to the discharge/loading lists. Coordinate actions between all stakeholders. Send dangerous goods declarations to the authorities and cargo manifest to the vessel.

5. Maintain standard reporting.



  • Thoroughness

Demonstrates attention to detail and accuracy regardless time that is involved

·        Accuracy - Being able to deal with detailed information for a long time and effectively.

·        Flexibility - adjusting one’s behavior to new information or changing circumstances such as working procedures, hours, tasks, responsibilities, policies etc.   

·        Customer Focus. Building strong internal and external customer relationships and delivering customer-centric solutions. And act accordingly.

·        Dealing with work pressure - Remain calm when busy and do not experience stress due to too much or too little work

·        Teamwork ability – Contributie to joint result through an optimal alignment between the own qualities and interests and those of the group/ other result.

·        Proactive- - Search for opportunities or innovation and take action to take advantage of this.

·        Responsible- Attache importance to the tasks and duties within one’s activities and within those of colleagues and the organization



·        In close cooperation with Geneva HQ order services from suppliers for special occasions.

Job location

Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands