Chief Engineer

Job Responsibilities

· Holds the authority delegated to him by the Captain with regard to the technical services on board and the members of the crew working there.
· Applies, respects and encourages the policies and procedures of the Company for the performance of all tasks, paying particular attention to the safety of persons, operations and pollution prevention.
· Ensures his shifts in accordance with the standards in accordance with the HSC code.
· Directly supervises, or delegates this responsibility, the organization of training and familiarization of members of the machine team, especially when they have recently embarked.
· Ensures reliable operation of engines, machinery and other mechanical equipment on the vessel.
· Plans and supervises operations involving a technical or mechanical aspect, including corrective and preventive maintenance and inspection of equipment, machinery and associated installations of the vessel, in accordance with safe working practices and the instructions of the Captain.
· Analyzes and reports any technical problem, offers recommendations and assists as appropriate for all corrective maintenance actions, temporary or permanent repairs.
Prepare and keep up to date all logs or logs, documentation and forms relating to the technical service and when necessary, preparation reports for dry-docking or other repairs.
· Monitors, verifies and reports, as appropriate, the consumption of fuel and lubricating oil, maintains the quantities and consumptions of fuel and lubricating oil by regular soundings and other methods adapted as the case may be.
Control, charge and store the combus properly





Qualities & know-how:

You have solid experience as a 2nd Mechanic or Chief Mechanic (2 years) - in offshore oil or petroleum, which would be a plus,

· You demonstrate leadership, have good communication skills, you know how to delegate, cultivate a strong team spirit, and a great sense of commitment.

You have :

· A good knowledge of ISM and Safety Management System (risk and safety analysis, change management, etc.), SOLAS / MARPOL rules,

· A good command of the CMMS (Ulysse Task Assistant would be a +) and reporting.

Knowledge of fast diesel engine (former technician converted into a sailor / people who worked on a yard on these engines), and JET propulsion (Kamewa would be appreciated), MTU396 engines (that would be a plus),

You have already worked with aluminum hulls,

· You have a good command of English (an oral and written assessment is foreseen in the recruitment process).

Your profile :

You have an 8000 KW or more Chief Mechanic's certificate, or you are a 2nd Mechanic with an 8000 KW Chief's certificate able to promote chef after experience in PMP

Your SSO is up to date

Conditions :

Country of embarkation: West Africa (Angola in particular)

Pace: shipments of 6 to 8 weeks

Permanent position to be filled quickly.

Salary aligned with experience and 2-year commitment.


Job location

Angola, West Africa