Chief Engineer

Job Responsibilities


Offshore Jobs-Chief Engineer Job Vacancy

  • Responsible to the Master for the safe and efficient operation of all machinery.
  • Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all tasks
  • Responsible to the Technical Manager at head office for the planned maintenance of all machinery and inventory of spare parts and of Dry Dock job list preparation, as per company regulations.
  • All Maintenance tasks are fully planned using Task Assistant software program which shall be kept permanently updated
  • Complete monthly condition reports on vital equipment
  • Samples analysis management
  • Ensure   that   all   anti-pollution   precautions   are   undertaken   whilst   transferring   or   loading hydrocarbons
  • Responsible to the Master for correctly filling in the Oil Record Book part I and/or II as applicable to ship design.


Above mentioned list of duties is not exhaustive and tasks on board vessels assigned to this position are not limited to above list.


Areas of operations:

  • West Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Gabon, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast,...)
  • Persian Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE)
  • Egypt
  • India
  • Trinidad/Guyana


Rotation (in average):

  • 80 days on/off

Our minimum certificates requirements:

  • Chief Engineer license unlimited (STCW III/2)
  • DP maintenance course


Our minimum experience requirements:



  • 12  months seatime in rank including 6 months on AHTS
  • 2 Rig Move/Towing

For PSV:

  • 12  months seatime in rank including 6 months on OSV


  • 12 months seatime in rank including 6 months on MPSV


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