Chief Engineer

Job Description


The Chief Engineer is responsible for the maintenance, preservation, operation, and readiness of the ship's propulsion machinery, mechanical and electrical systems, and damage control equipment. The Chief Engineer is also responsible for fueling, pollution control, liquid load and ballasting, logs and record keeping, procurement and inventory control, and storage and accountability of all HAZMATs. The Chief Engineer reports directly to the shoreside Port Engineer and is supervised by the Captain.

Essential Functions

Vessel Maintenance


  • Troubleshoots and repairs all engines, pumps, machinery, deck machinery, and electrical components
  • Maintains proper markings, tags, and color coding of various systems
  • Responsible for general housekeeping of engineering spaces




  • Responsible for proper maintenance of onboard alarms and safety systems
  • Responsible for safety of personnel in engine room




  • Responsible for monthly engineering reports to be submitted to management
  • Maintains vessel parts inventory levels
  • Works on deck as needed: handles lines, makes/breaks tow
  • Other jobs as directed


Supervisory and Leadership of Direct Staff


  • Supervises and trains junior engineers on maintenance procedures
  • Serves as Foss "Field Representative" during major machinery overhauls
  • Performs all Vessel Maintenance System -- Engine Room inspections
  • Trains deckhand-engineers in preventive maintenance procedures



  • Strong maritime background with a thorough understanding of vessel operations and equipment capabilities/limitations
  • Ability to independently implement all routine engineering procedures
  • Implements appropriate casualty control measures in response to engineering casualties
  • Reads/interprets technical data, specifications, and drawings
  • Basic knowledge of welding and burning procedures and hot work safety precautions
  • Ability to safely transfer fuel and oils
  • Knowledge of MARPOL regulations and pollution prevention procedures
  • Maintenance and operation of bilge, ballast, fire, fresh water and sanitary systems
  • Ability to communicate, in English, across all written, spoken and listening levels


Minimum Requirements


Licensing: Must possess a valid USCG National Chief Engineer license (Limited Oceans, Unlimited Horsepower ratings required). Must possess valid STCW-III/2 endorsement. Must possess a valid Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Job location

Seattle, WA,USA