Deck Supervisor

Job Responsibilities


  • Supervising and directing the Deck Crew team providing services on the FPSO and Hub.
  • Mooring and unmooring export LNG tankers at the offshore Hub, using rope messengers, electric capstans, quick release hook mechanisms, and supplementary mooring dampeners.
  • Mooring and unmooring export Condensate tankers at the FPSO, using fixed mooring winch / hawser systems and tugs for running lines.
  • Deploying and retrieving the Condensate loading hose from the FPSO fixed reel.
  • Deploying and retrieving flexible hoses for fuel bunkering, sludge, water, chemicals at both the Hub and FPSO locations.
  • Assisting in the periodic changeout of fixed moorings and fenders using winches, stoppers, tensioners, and mooring system dampeners.
  • Securing and mooring additional marine craft (tugs, crew boats, supply vessels) alongside, including assisting with people transfers, equipment transfers, and loading operations.
  • Crane operations support duties, including deck and supply boat unloading / backloading, as the Banksman Slinger and / or load handler.
  • Rigging lifts as required, including general maintenance of the rigging loft.
  • Helicopter / Helideck operations, including refuelling, passenger control, freight / baggage handling, and helideck first line firefighting.
  • General deck duties, including, cleaning, painting, fabric maintenance, stores delivery, and materials handling.
  • Basic care and maintenance of fixed marine equipment, including navigational marker buoys, and helideck firefighting equipment.
  • Maintaining the proper condition of tools and equipment.
  • Undertaking training as offered by the Client or Company to expand area of competency.
  • Assisting in emergency response situation in accordance with Client Emergency Response procedures, performing nominated / allocated tasks in the Emergency Response team.
  • Demonstrating a personal commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment.




  • In the event of an emergency, carryout duties as identified in the station bill / emergency response procedure or as directed by the Client OIM; this requires personnel to undertake the training necessary to prepare themselves for these roles.




  • Maintaining working conditions and environment in a safe and healthy condition.
  • Acting responsibly and taking all necessary precautions to protect themselves, fellow workers, and any other persons potentially affected by their activities from injury and preventable illness.
  • Ensuring any defects in working practices, machinery, tools, equipment, protective measures, and protective clothing are immediately brought to the attention of management, to take remedial steps to rectify the defect or take the equipment out of service until repaired or made safe.


  • Be familiar with and understand both Client and Company Health, Safety, and Environmental policies and procedures.
  • Able to deploy operational standards, policies, and procedures to meet regulatory and safety standards.
  • Able to undertake work to meet acceptance criteria with respect to safety, health, and hygiene.
  • Raise any non-conformance to supervisor in a timely fashion.
  • Clear, fluent, and expressive use of verbal and written English language to convey information and ideas.
  • Able to co-ordinate daily routines covering both the technical and administrative roles.
  • Requirement to control supplies of material / equipment and therefore, the associated costs.
  • Experienced supervisor with a track record on similar operations.
  • Able to provide guidance and motivation to teams and co-workers.
  • Complete mandatory training required as defined in the competency training matrix.
  • Supervisory experience in a similar role.
  • Marine experience including mooring hazard and handling training.
  • Hydrocarbon loading operations and associated safety and familiarisation training.
  • Firefighting team member training.
  • Heli-deck operations.
  • Rigging and lifting operations to Level 3 standard desirable, including rigging loft management.
Job location