Deck Supervisor

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the safe operation of the cranes and other associated deck duties, as required by the Master.
  • Ensure helideck and associated equipment are checked on a daily basis and the results of the checks recorded and any defects are addressed promptly.
  • Responsible for carrying out duties of Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) as required.
  • Communicate with deck Crane Operator/ABs on daily duties, expected work programmes and safety concerns raised.
  • Responsible for ensuring the maintenance and re-certification of all equipment used for any lifting operation is up to date, equipment is in good condition and is stored and secured in suitable place and protected from environmental conditions when not in use.
  • Responsible for proper loading and stowage of deck cargo, along with proper securing arrangements and manifestation of cargo.
  • Responsible for planning and supervising any extraordinary lifts, in accordance with LOLER and company / client policies.
  • Liaise with the OIM / Master with regards to working the cranes in weather conditions approaching marginal.
  • Responsible for advice and administration of carriage of dangerous goods transported by air or sea.
  • Responsible for performance, development and conduct of the Crane Operator/ABs.
  • Responsible for being competent in the inspection or erection of basic scaffold.
  • Following a review of outstanding activities, responsible for submitting, in a timely manner, material requisitions for stocks and stores required.
  • Responsible for co-ordination and distribution of third-party equipment and dispatch ashore or to an associated platform.
  • Compile operational hand-over notes for relief at the end of each tour of duty and copy to be sent to office.
  • Department of Transport Certificate of Competency as Officer Of the Watch (OOW) (STCW.95)
  • Competency as Seaman Grade 1
  • Crane Operator up to Level 2 standard
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training course
  • OGUK and ENG.1 medicals.
  • Experience in the offshore industry, including Deck Foreman / Bosun and as Officer of the Watch. This should include experience on lift boats, jack-up rigs or supply vessels.
Job location

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom