Job Responsibilities

To safely and efficiently operate all deck and towing machinery and equipment onboard the vessel.


To have a working knowledge of all safety equipment onboard, and to be able to use in an emergency situation.


Be able to drive the vessel if required, in emergency situations.


To follow statutory and regulatory guidelines as laid down by the Company, Company and other external bodies (IMO, CLASS, Flag state, National and Port Authorities, etc).


Carry out routine maintenance as per the Planned Maintenance System, and specific maintenance and repairs as directed by the Captain or Engineer onboard.


Maintain basic working knowledge for the use of the VHF radio communications with customers, pilots and port authorities.


Handle and stow stores and supplies in an efficient and timely manner.


Build working relationships with customers, pilots, port authorities and agents, and to take part in any operational meetings as required.


Perform housekeeping duties on deck, in the engine room, or the accommodation spaces as instructed by the Captain or Management.


To take ownership of all areas of the vessel, as directed by the Captain and/or Engineer.


Report through appropriate procedures any safety hazards, safety observations, near misses, etc and pro-actively contribute to maintenance of a safety culture on board.


 To undertake mandatory training as required, both for company requirements and for individual continued professional development.


To carry out duties in a professional, responsible and adaptable manner, with flexibility of operation as required to fulfill current manning and vessel operational requirements.


Participate in safety drill and other simulation drills as needed


Stand watch as and when required.


Any other duties as reasonably assigned by the Captain or Management from time to time.


The Deckhand contributes to the objective that the ship is always available to be deployed in a safe and efficient manner, as directed by the Senior Captain or Captain and in accordance with Company rules and requirement.  The deckhand carries out operational duties onboard the vessel as directed by the Captain or shipboard manager.

Job location

Costa Rica