Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Electrical Engineer's primary task is inspection of reefer containers, and refers in this respect to the Chief Officer. Reefer inspections shall never be neglected or postponed in favour of other tasks. If the reefer inspection is postponed an entry shall be made in the deck logbook.
The Electrical Engineer shall ensure optimum energy utilisation of reefer plants, and refers in this respect to the Chief Engineer.
Optimum utilization is achieved by correct utilisation of the fresh water cooling system and timely connection of water cooling to reefer containers.
The Electrical Engineer shall:
• Have knowledge of, adhere to, and implement the Company's policy (Doc ID: P001)
• Inspect, maintain and repair reefer containers
• Complete reefer reporting forms in accordance with Reefer Operating Manual and Doc ID: P063
• Report all tasks related to electrical checks and maintenance, including reefer containers, to the Chief Engineer
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Job description - Electrical Engineer 1 Mar 2019
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• Report to the Chief Officer and/or Master on tasks during loading / unloading of reefers, checks and care of reefers during passage
• Analyse the electrical/electronic plant, machinery, installations and equipment to achieve a thorough insight in their status
• Check, maintain and repair all electrical/electronic plant and machinery, installations and equipment based on senior officers' orders to achieve a safe and economic operation of all machinery and installations
• Record and file maintenance and repair activities of all electrical installations and keep stock control
• If any work involves electrical isolation, the Electrical Engineer shall assist the Senior Officer in ensuring proper isolation and isolation permits is issued
• The Electrical Engineer shall supervise electrical maintenance and repair activities carried out by shore personnel, including safety aspects of the tasks.
• Ensure work and rest hour planning is done regularly and requirements are complied with. Bring any challenges in rest hour compliance to the attention of the Chief Officer, Second Engineer and/or Chief Engineer
• Ensure the Reefer Operating Manual and Reefer guidelines have been read and understood
• Carry out PTI on empty reefer container if requested by relevant shore department
Supervision and check at loading, that:
• Reefer containers are plugged in and switched on, to keep them without power for as short a time as possible
• Stowage position and setpoints are according to the reefer manifest. If there is a difference between the actual setpoint and the reefer manifest, inform the Chief Officer. Do not change any setpoint unless these have been verified.
• Reefer containers are loaded against the "Reefer Spotting Plan" - This plan shall be made by the Chief Officer, as soon as practicable
The number of live reefer containers onboard shall be compared by both the Chief Officer and Electrical Engineer
• The container ventilation, humidity and atmosphere monitoring system are adjusted in accordance with the reefer manifest. Inform the Chief Officer of any adjustments made
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Job description - Electrical Engineer 1 Mar 2019
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3. Daily inspection at sea
Each day at sea before noon, the Electrical Engineer shall inspect the reefer containers detailed on the "Reefer Spotting Plan" using RCM. If RCM is not functioning then a physical inspection will be done. This inspection shall include:
• Checking the correct operation of the reefer
• Comparison between the temperature settings, the supply and return temperature, and the part low temperature chart, if fitted
Perform a second "walk through" check before the end of the working day



At least 12 months sea time in rank experience with minimum 250 reefer containers

Job location

Pasay, Philippines