Electrical Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Electrical Engineer has the following specific responsibilities:

• Analyses the electrical/electronic plant, machinery, installations and equipment in order to achieve a thorough insight in the status of this plant, machinery, installations and equipment.
• Maintains and repairs all electrical/electronic plant and machinery, installations and equipment based on senior officers' orders in order to achieve a safe operation of all machinery and installations on board.
• The Electrical Engineer's primary task is inspection of reefer containers. Reefer inspections shall never be neglected or postponed in favour of other tasks on board, unless an emergency demands his / her presence, and an entry to this effect has been made in the vessel's logbook.
• The Electrical Engineer should ensure optimum energy utilisation of reefer plants on board. Optimum energy utilisation of reefers is achieved by the correct utilisation of Central Fresh Water Cooling System and timely connection of water cooling hoses to reefer containers, thereby mitigating the usage of running cargo hold fans.
• Adequate recording and filing of maintenance and repair activities and stock control so that the safe and effective operation of the ship can be ensured.
• To fill in the reporting forms according to the Reefer Acceptance and Operational Manual.
• If any repair / maintenance work on board involves electrical isolation, the Electrical Engineer shall assist the senior officer in ensuring proper Electrical Isolation is carried out and Isolation permits issued.
• The Electrical Engineer will be required to supervise electrical maintenance and repair activities carried out by shore personnel including the safety aspects of the tasks. If in any doubt he / she should take advice from the Chief Engineer.
• Ensure that his / her individual work and rest hour planning is done on an ongoing basis and rest hour requirements are complied with to avoid fatigue.
• Ensure the ROM, RAOM and Reefer guidelines have been read and understood.


Electrical Engineers with at least 12 months seatime in rank experience with minimum 250 reefer containers.

Job location

Constanta ,Romania