Job Description

The primary responsibility of this position is to ensure all vessel machinery, equipment and systems are operated, maintained and repaired in a safe and effective manner. Additionally, as a key member of the Vessel Management Team, the Chief Engineer is to ensure adherence to all Company operational guidelines and planned maintenance programs, and, manage all Engineering Department personnel in their daily duties.


Essential Functions


  • Continually maintains a safe work environment on the vessel, implementing Company policies and procedures, and general maritime industry best practice wherever applicable.
  • Maintains all vessel machinery and systems, including main propulsion, auxiliary power generation, ancillary, deck and cargo handling. Ensures proper operations of control, monitoring and alarm components and systems.
  • Notifies the Captain and Port Engineer of any abnormal changes in the status of machinery operation.
  • Performs safe and effective voyage repairs with limited resources and outside support, while working under tight time constraints and in remote geographical locations.
  • Troubleshoots machinery malfunctions as required and effectively communicates directly with the Captain and Port Engineer and designated shore-side support staff and vendors, to provide timely and relevant information for the diagnoses and repair of vessel machinery and systems.
  • Responsible for vessel bunkering operations, insuring compliance with established fueling procedures.
  • Checks and maintains fuel/fluid levels in all tanks within the vessel, takes monthly oil samples for analysis.
  • Maintains adequate critical spares and general vessel parts inventory levels.
  • Trains Junior Engineering staff in Company policies, vessel operations, equipment repair and preventative maintenance procedures.
  • Works as assigned by the Port Engineer for the safe and effective management of shipyard personnel and other vendors, during planned and emergent maintenance and repair periods.
  • Must have a valid DDE 4,000 HP license or greater.
  • Must have a valid TWIC card.
  • Must have a valid USCG Merchant Mariner Document or Merchant Mariner Credential.
  • Must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays.
Job location

Richmond, Canada