Fleet Personnel Manager

Job Responsibilities

Job Objective 

Controls and ensures the timely, accurate and qualitative manning of all SMC vessels, according to the vessel type requirements, contractual agreements and client requirements, in order to support the effective operation of SMC vessels. Oversees the training to all seafarers in order to increase their skills towards effective execution of tasks and avoidance of accidents.


 Key Accountabilities


Support SMC’s strategic goals

·       Participates in the development of the SMC’s short and long term strategic objectives and goals, so as to enhance the compliance of the SMC’s operations with the BSM’s goals.

​Management of Vessels'Human Resources 


  • Reviews the crewing related contractual agreements of the SMC and identifies the current and/or future crew manning needs Informs the Crew Service Centres (CSC) regarding the manning requirements to ensure the timely and qualitative provision of seafarer candidates.
  •  Monitors and controls the effective recruitment of all vessels according to the processes and quality standards of BSM, while ensures that all recruitment activities are performed in accordance with all applicable International and National rules and regulation as well as with internal and customer related requirements.
  •  Monitors, analyzes (is requested training feasible and justified) reviewing training needs and initiating follow-up of identified training needs as appropriate.
  •  Ensures  that the relief/rotation planning of Seafarers is organized in a (cost) efficient manner and timely communicated to all parties involved.
  • Ensures that the successful completion of all training courses is followed up.

Loss Prevention

  • Is up-to-date with company’s LPSQ Policies and Procedures and supports their effective implementation through the provision of adequate training and coaching.
  • Identifies areas for improvement and proposes training courses to increase the awareness of seafarers concerning the potential sources of accidents.

Development of relationships and Problem Solving  

  •   Reviews and analyses all issues identified or reported from the Fleet Personnel Officers, LPSQ and Marine Superintendents regarding the vessels’ personnel behaviour and skills.
  • Maintains and promotes mutually beneficial relationships with clients. Follows up on customer complaints and rectifies non compliance by implementing corrective measures.

Effective operation of the Department

  •  Monitores that seafares are provided with an employment contract in accordance with national and international legislation, as well as with internal- and customer requirements.
  •  Monitors the efficient operation of the department, identifying areas for improvement and proposing modifications.
  • Supports the execution of external and internal audits to vessels, providing all the required information to the auditors Monitors and follows up on the audit findings and implement appropriate corrective and preventive actions.
  • Co-ordinates with CSC / and makes sure all manning activities outsourced to CSC /  are timely and accurately performed.

Management of Resources 

  • Identifies cost saving opportunities and proposes corrective actions in case of deviations, in order to ensure compliance with set targets.
     Coordinates, coaches and motivates the team.
  •  Ensures that staff have the appropriate knowledge, skills and support that will help them perform effectively and contribute to the achievement of the department’s desired short and long-term objectives.
  • Attends Fleet Leader Meetings at least once a year.



Education Qualifications:

Bachelor degree or Certificate in Maritime or relevant field

Work Experience:

At least 3 years of hands-on work experience as Master, Chief Engineer or Chief Officer and/or 6 years in a Marine related office environment in a crew personnel supervising role.


Job Specific Skills:

  • Very good knowledge of the vessels, crew requirement and seafarers specification.
  • Knowledge of the local market dynamics both for demand-supply situation, and also for demographics of maritime labour-supplying countries- Exposure in the development of collective agreements and employment contracts - Extensive experience in recruitment, training and development methodologies
  • Strong knowledge of the seafarers’ rights and maritime labour law, including the MLC- Knowledge of the maritime legal framework e.g. employers’ obligations, recruitment prerequisites, insurance, etc. - Excellent people management skills
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Strong organisational abilities
  • Excellent communication abilities.
  • Very good people management skills.
  • Strong organisational abilities
  • Fluency in English.
  • PC literacy.




Job location