Fleet Personnel Officer

Job Responsibilities

  1. Reviews the contractual agreements and the vessels’ manning plan, performing and monitoring all selection steps, i.e. identification, evaluation and selection of crew, for the effective recruitment of the most suitable and qualified candidates, according to ship flag legislation, technical requirements and available budget.
  2. Reviews and approves the employment contracts of all assigned vessels’ seafarers issued by the CSCs, to ensure they are according to company’s procedures and agreed terms and flag legislation.
  3. Proposes and implements the relief/rotation planning and EoC procedures of the ships’ personnel, focusing on the provision of alternatives for the continuous and effective operation of the vessels.
  4. Timely identifies future and current vacancies in vessels’ personnel and informs accordingly his/her supervisor, the CSCs, to support the accurate and fast coverage of needs. Supports the HRM Manager to develop the annual manning plan and budget.
  5. Prepares and implements Crew planning (timeliness reliefs, accuracy of documentation, budget compliance, response to customer requests).
  6. Coordinates with the HRM Manager and CSCs regarding the prompt and accurate implementation of changes in ports’ procedures, such as visas, permissions, etc., concerning the smooth embarkation and disembarkation of crewmembers if management intervention required.
  7. Implements the relief/rotation planning and lay-off procedures according to the contractual agreements and vessels’ needs for each seafarer, focusing on the provision of alternatives for the continuous and effective operation of the vessels. Liaises with vessels, CSCs/manning agencies, port agents travel agents to ensure that crew embarkations/ disembarkations on vessels are carried out in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
  8. Communicates with flag state authorities to gather information related to the specific regulations each flag state may require. Maintains and regularly updates all required documentation, to safeguard the legitimate operation of vessels and employment of seafarers
  9. Informs the personnel in the assigned vessels of potential changes in the operational procedures and makes available all the respective documentation to all crew members.
  10. Monitors and evaluates the performance of the assigned vessels’ seafarers and identifies their training needs, develops and proposes the training plan and cooperates with the company’s training centers so as to provide the required training for the improvement of technical skills and competencies of officers and ratings. Follows-up the successful completion of all training courses, to enhance the efficiency of the crewmembers for the safe and effective operation of all vessels.
  11. Develops effective batching of seafarers’ allocation to assigned vessels, to generate cost effective travelling to all vessel, as well as timely coverage of operational needs. Reviews crew travelling costs to the assigned vessels, and contributes in relative market research, to identify the best value-for-money services.

Education & Qualifications

  • Diploma or Certificate in Maritime relevant field

Work Experience

  • 3 years of experience as FPO in maritime recruiting

Job Specific Skills

  • Good team work and cooperation
  • Very good organizational skills
  • Proficiency in writing skills and fluency in English
  • PC literacy


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