Fourth Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Fourth Engineer has the following specific responsibilities:
•Perform engine room watch-keeping duties when required
•Perform work routines in his/her area of responsibility and as directed by the Chief Engineer and/or Second Engineer
•Maintain purifiers, air compressors, boiler and jacket water chemical levels and lifeboat engines as directed by the Chief Engineer and Second Engineer
•Assist the Chief Engineer during bunkering operations
•Ensure that all machineries under his / her responsibility are well maintained for optimum performance and fuel consumption. Report any breakdown, failure or deviation to the Chief Engineer and Second Engineer
•Check stock of machinery spare parts to ensure that minimum requirements is kept at all times
•Maintain order and cleanliness in the purifier room(s) and in other work areas
•Perform routine and maintenance activities, including breakdown maintenance, as directed by the Chief Engineer and/or Second Engineer
•Ensure chemicals are used safely and as per Material Safety Data Sheet instruction •Instruct and supervise in the use of safety, environmental protection, firefighting and lifesaving equipment
•Understand the importance of briefing and debriefing to ensure efficient teamwork.
•Supervision of personnel in his/her charge which includes:
o Orientation
o Health and safety
o Environmental protection
o Use of manuals and procedures
o Proper use of tools and equipment
o Standard maintenance and operating practices
• Ensure work and rest hour planning is done regularly and requirements are complied with. Bring any challenges in rest hour compliance to the attention of the Second Engineer and/or Chief Engineer


At least 6 months seatime* in rank experience on vessels with UMS and minimum 20000 BHP engine size

Job location