Harbour Master

Job Responsibilities

Stenaline Ports owns and operates 4 ports on the Irish Sea .

Holyhead Port is the largest of these , predominately with ferry traffic but also with cruise and other commercial vessels. Together with a number of leisure craft facilities which lie within the Ports jurisdiction , there are some 8000 vessel movements each year.

The opportunity has arisen for a Harbour Master with responsibilities articulated in the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), ranging from traffic services and pilotage provision, towage and conservancy. The Harbour Master is accountable to the authority for the safety of marine operations in the Port.


Applicants will have an appropriate marine background, with a good working knowledge of the PMSC and port operations. As pilotage duties will be required a sea-command is desirable, as is previous experience of working in the port sector.

The position will also undertake a role of supporting other Stena Line Ports in fulfilling their duties under the PMSC.

Job location