Marine Control Room Operator

Job Responsibilities


  • Control, Monitor, receive, store and discharge crude oil cargo and slops, complying with all the working and reporting procedures and relevant standards set down.
  • Ensure the quality of the Cargo, minimising the quantity of free water present in the cargo.
  • Monitor all traffic in the area in order to mitigate the risks of collision.
  • Perform routine and emergency ballasting/de-ballasting.
  • Update Maintenance Management System, inputting data and printing job cards as requested.
  • Act as area authority for the cargo area excluding the crane and helideck.
  • Plan, monitor and execute all tank entry preparations and inspections.
  • Ensure all work is conducted in full compliance with the Safety Management System, including vessel safety regulations and positively support all safety initiatives and improvements
  • Proactively contribute to delivery against HSE plans and improvement objectives.
  • Be aware of physical condition of plant & equipment to ensure technical integrity is maintained; raise issues and concerns identified.
  • Ensure a safe and comprehensive handover is given at shift or crew change with all pertinent operational and maintenance information to relevant personnel.
  • Maintain effective communication with Supervisors and other work groups


STCW OOW minimum qualification

Job location