Marine Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

Support SMC’s strategic goals

  • Monitoring updates and proposing improvements in safety, security and commercial effectiveness and voyage efficiency of vessels assigned to fleet team by participating in relevant seminars, and implementing Group initiatives, alerts, and incident corrective actions


Marine support to ships

  • Provide commercial and operational support to assigned vessel for the effective fulfilment of voyage and cargo requirements.
  • Manage relationship with owner and charterer

Safety of operations

  • Monitor navigational operation, voyage performance, commercial operation and cargo operation of the assigned vessel to ensure compliance with statutory industry standards, national and international rules and regulations, safety regulations and operational standards of BSM and that of the vessel owner.
  • Assist (TSI) with identifying potential discrepancies from operational standards and proposes solutions for effective operation of the navigational and cargo equipment of the assigned vessels.
  • Monitors that all assigned vessels possess the required statutory certification for safe operation in accordance with Class, Port State Control and Flag State requirements, maritime legislation, safety regulations and operational standards of both BSM and vessels owners.
  • Identifies elevated risk conditions and circumstances in a timely manner and provides support and guidance to Technical Superintendents and Masters to adequately mitigate such risks. This includes ship security risks.
  • Take the role of Company Security Officer

Management of marine inspections

  • Supports Master with pre-vetting preparation, including internal SIRE inspection and risk assessment.
  • Support Master during vetting and third-party audits and inspections including SIRE, CDI, FSI, PSC.
  • Prepare responses to internal and third-party audits and inspections including SIRE, CDI, FSI, PSC and implement corrective actions
  • Review of SMS safety related documentation.
  • In liaison with LPSQ and FPD, assist and support sea staff with alignment of marine requirements.
  • Assist with the Company initiatives regarding the human element.
  • Provide guidance on standards and policies contributing towards safety.
  • Provide guidance on standards and policies contributing towards environmental protection.

Purchasing activities

  • Provide guidance to TO in purchasing activities of the navigation, communication, safety, mooring equipment and other equipment.


  • Enables the accurate and timely provision of information to clients and management of SMC, in order to increase client awareness on BSM services and enhance their satisfaction and commitment.
  • Develops all necessary reports and documentation and results and upon approval, submits them to ship owners, BSM clients and management, thus contributing to the better collaboration, enhancement of clients’ commitment and promotion of Company’s profile.
  • Communicates with clients on operational issues as required.

Provide post fixture services (only to vessel undercommercial management)

  • Interacts and builds a relationship with Owners and charterers.
  • Handling cargo claims and liaison with P&I / Insurance as required and dealing with commercial disputes such as off-hire when required.

Management of resources

  • Provides on-request feedback on performance appraisals developed onboard. Prepares appraisals of sea staff during sailing visits.
  • Identifies training needs and provides on board training to ship staff during ship visits.
  • Provides interviews and briefings as required for senior ship staff.

Education & Work Experience:

  • M.Sc or B.Sc in Maritime Studies/ Naval Engineering or Naval Architecture or
  • Master/ Senior officer’s Certificate of Competency
  • At least 3 years sailing experience as Master/ Senior Officer, or
  • At least 6 years’ experience as LPSQ superintendent in a ship management/ owning company

Job-Specific Skills:

  • Knowledge of Quality Standards, environmental and safety standards
  • Knowledge of Legislation concerning Quality and Safety
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience in customer management
  • Knowledge of the local / regional maritime market conditions
  • Good people management skills
  • Fluency in English
  • PC literacy
Job location

Hong Kong