Marine Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

Marine Superintendent Job In Mozambique


  • Guarantee the marine base and vessels management to their full potential, maintain operational effectiveness and minimise risk to life, property and environment.
  • Define and implement plans and schedule for personnel and materials offshore transportation including possible Medevac operations by sea. Manage marine agency and service contractors to grant safest and most effective vessels operations
  • Study and identify marine operations having characteristics of complexity and difficulty.
  • Become conversant with Company’s vessels voyages planning
  • Towage systems planning, analysis and approvals
  • SMS implementation and control
  • Compliance to safety and safe executions of marine support to operations
  • Planning, coordination, safe and economic execution of the offshore ops such as positioning, mooring, bunkering, etc.
  • Monitor, through reporting and feed-back, Company’s and Contractors vessels performances and costs, identify areas of improvement and optimisation.
  • Propose measures to enhance performances of existing services.
  • Recommend operational procedures, actions, to achieve best results in offshore transport services.
  • Regularly inspect Marine Services to assure technical conformity adherence.
  • Liaise with local authorities and other relevant Agencies in respect of marine transport services.
  • Nautical Diploma or equivalent alternative technical diploma with proven operational experience in coordinating marine operations in support of the O&G
  • Experience in naval fleet management and offshore operations
  • Preferential requirement is given to experience as crew member on offshore vessels or in the technical offices of shipping companies operating in the offshore sector.
  • Basic knowledge of international maritime regulations (SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, IMO RESOLUTIONS, MLC, etc.), class and statutory certification of ships.
  • Expertise in the management of dockside operations (Loading, Unloading, Bunkering, Tank cleaning) and offshore (coordination and management of SIMOPS, Loading and Unloading offshore, DP ops).
  • Preferential requirement is given to experience as a Surveyor / Naval Inspector using the standards applicable in O&G (OVID, CMID, IMCA).


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Job location

Pemba, Mozambique