Marine Supervisor

Job Responsibilities

  • Monitoring of hull stresses and the vessel stability and control of cargo/ballast distribution to maintain these within pre-defined limits and statutory requirements, whilst optimising the vessel loading condition in line with environmental conditions and vessel operations.
  • Supervising Cargo reception, storage and offloading together with ballast systems, including operation of cargo and ballast control systems.
  • Quality control of cargo for export includes sampling tanks, removal of excess free water, etc.
  • Produced water discharge operations are in compliance with statutory and company environmental standards.
  • Tank cleaning and gas freeing operations.
  • Directing the General Purpose crew on his shift as directed by the Marine Superintendent.
  • Tank entry and maintenance operations within tanks.
  • Acting as Area Authority for monitoring vessels operating within production wells
  • 500m zones and FPSO 500m zone including diving operations.
  • Directing the General Purpose Crew and organising the programme of maintenance in areas within his jurisdiction.
  • Knowledge of Maximo system along with the ability to input/extract data as required.
  • Maintaining Marine department Maximo inputs and managing same on a regular basis.
  • Compliance with and commitment to:
  • Corporate Management System.
  • Operational Safety Case.
  • The development and review of operational procedures and manuals.
  • Company Policies and Procedures.
  • Environmental Management System
  • Acting as back-up FRC coxswain.
  • Performing tasks in a safe and responsible manner, ensuring all personnel under his jurisdiction do the same.
  • PTW system Area Authority for Marine designated areas
  • Internal cargo/ballast transfers to control hull stresses and stability
  • Off loading supervision
  • Tank cleaning and gas freeing operations
  • Monitoring of vessels within 500 m safety zone
  • Combined Offshore Survival, Fire Fighting, and HUET Certificate or equivalent
  • UKOOA Medical or equivalent
  • Class 2 Marine Certificate desirable
  • Dangerous Cargo Endorsement
Job location

Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana