Marine Surveyor

Job Responsibilities

  • Acts as a professional specialist for the organization in the application of related Rules, Regulations, requirements, concepts, principles and processes
  • Prepares technically accurate and timely reports of inspections and surveys performed
  • Maintains survey files in an orderly and up-to-date manner in area of responsibility
  • Maintains active awareness of new working methods and developments affecting the technical scope of assigned responsibilities
  • Recommends new approaches to problems encountered
  • Performs routine surveys on classed ships, platforms or other marine structures and at manufacturers sites for compliance with classification and statutory requirements
  • Engages in contact with clients to solve problems within area of expertise.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working as a Junior Surveyor or 5 years’ experience in the Engineering or Surveying fields within the marine industry
  • Qualifications within a relevant field of engineering or physical science (minimum 2 years program), or qualifications from a marine or nautical institution and relevant seagoing experience as a certificated ship officer
  • Proficiency in both French and English language commensurate with the scope of classification, statutory certification etc
  • Ability to understand engineering plans and have a basic knowledge of shipbuilding practices and ship operations
  • Knowledge of ships' engineering systems and machinery
  • Knowledge of computer programs or software packages related to job responsibilities
  • Knowledge of related technical interfaces required for group project work
Job location