Maritime HSE-Investigate & Advisor

Job Responsibilities

Maritime Health, Safety and Environment- Investigate & Advisor is responsible to manage the incidents reported to STUSCO, including pro-active follow up with the 3rd party technical operator responsible for the day-to-day management of the vessel involved. Providing oversight and analysis of the regional participants data in the Maritime Partners in Safety Program. Delivering strong technical customer experience through problem identification, communication and management of technical data. Working directly with Trade and Supply Investigate and Learn Manager for scheduling and execution of causal training classes. This role has a significant impact on Shell’s reputation in the maritime industry due to the high level of engagement with external stakeholders. The nature of the Trading business requires a dynamic team responsive to the chartering needs of the businesses.

The incumbent works with Shipping & Maritime, Americas and broader Trading and Supply operations to deliver value to the business, through learning from regional maritime incidents and follow up, analyzing risk, and communicating with internal and external customers.


  • Enable the organization to realize performance improvements through the reviewing of incidents and near misses both internal and external to the operation.
  • Act as Regional champion for the Causal Reasoning process
  • Manage the Shipping Maritime causal skill pool including training
  • Provide continuous Causal learning events for Shipping and Maritime such as lunch and learns and refresher training.
  • Support managers in deciding which 3rd party incident investigations require additional senior level review.
  • Coach and mentor Mode 3 Contractor investigation teams:
    • Investigators
    • Sponsors
    • Users of the 5 causal questions problem solving tool
  • Participate in Incident Investigation and LFI networks through networking calls and face-to-face events.
  • Maintain relationship with GM and Global Investigate and Learn Manager through monthly update meetings.
  • Facilitate learning sessions for significant incidents (ex. Level 3 Investigations)
  • Support assurance activities and audits of CL/LFI work processes
  • Ensure the delivery of quality 3rd party contractor investigations and encourage use of the Causal Learning work process.
  • Sponsor and stakeholder customer satisfaction
  • Delivery of work process continuous improvement tactics and updates to the continuous improvement plan.
  • Ensure Shipping and Maritime investigations are inputs into the LFI and Go & Engage work process.
  • Currently must have legal authorization to work in the US on a full-time basis for anyone other than current employer.
  • At least 8 years working experience in Operational Environment in HSE management systems
  • Preferably Bachelor's Degree in Maritime Transportation, Marine Engineering, or an equivalent HSSE discipline
  • Investigation Leadership in HSSE Investigation work including Strong Casual Reasoning skills
  • Investigation Leadership in Reliability Investigation work
  • Mastery of Diagnostic problem solving tools
  • Strong Communication and listening skills
  • Stakeholder management
  • Develop and execute continuous improvement tactics
  • Open and honest relationships with craft and salary and contractor work force
  • Open-minded learning orientation
  • Able to facilitate presentation of learning material to all levels of the site
Job location

Greater Houston,Texas, United States of America