Job Responsibilities

Your tasks as aMaster are diverse and as such you will have the opportunity to use and develop your problem-solving skills in a wide range of scenarios. In this role you are responsible for:

  • Your designated areas of responsibility as agreed by the Senior Master.
  • Acting in accordance with your responsibilities in the vessel’s emergency organisation.
  • Carrying out maintenance on board as directed by the vessel’s Planned Maintenance Program.
  • Being familiar with the ships operating and navigational procedures
  • Managing all identified risk to ship, personnel and environment and establish appropriate safeguards.
  • Reporting to the Senior Master, any incident or accident relating to any injury or potential hazard aboard along with any deficiencies in machinery or equipment particularly safety equipment.
  • Be familiar with the relevant parts, procedures and requirements of the SMS contained within the DOCMAP system.
  • Take an active interest in the duties above your rank to ensure confidence in stepping up and an ability to be hands on

Essential Certification:

  • STCW Elementary First Aid
  • STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • STCW Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • STCW Personal Survival Techniques
  • STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats
  • STCW Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Master's Unlimited COC

Preferred Certification:

  • Crowd Management Training
  • Passenger Safety Training
  • Crisis Management, Passenger Safety and Hull Integrity
Job location

Fishguard, Wales, United Kingdom