Multicat Skipper

Job Responsibilities

The position
For our Fleet department we are looking for three Multicat Skippers with experience. As a Multicat Skipper you have the supervision of all onboard. You have to ensure that assigned equipment is used in such a manner that optimal production/project output is achieved in compliance with safety, maritime and environmental regulations at all times.

Your Responsibilities
As a Mulicat Skipper you will have the supervision and management of all activities onboard carrying final responsibility in order to obtains optimal production/project output in close cooperation with company management and client on- and offshore. You will be representative for the Flag State and Van Oord abroad. You will be the contact person for local authorities and service agencies. You will continuous have consultation with support equipment.

As a Multicat Skipper you will maintain the safety and environmental regulations on board as well as the maintenance of safety equipment (ISM & ISPS). You will make sure the Van Oord Management System is executed, Company policies as well as the standing instructions. In this role you will comply with all national, international and local maritime law and regulations as well as industry standards. You will work together with supported equipment to maintain safe working operations for personnel.

As a Multicat Skipper you will do the management of crew activities, manning continuity, training needs and assessment of crew in cooperation with SMD Crew Advice. You will have the supervision and management of (long term) maintenance planning in cooperation with SMD Fleet including Class and Statutory surveys.

As a Multicat Skipper you will have the supervision and management of all compulsory ships- and personnel administration. Besides you will have the supervision and management of vessels planned maintenance system including spare and wear parts stock keeping.

As a Multicat Skipper you will be authorized to make decisions and perform accordingly in order to execute the above tasks and responsibilities, always acting in accordance with the vessel related agreement, Project Plan, Van Oord Management system, company policy, standing instructions and maritime law. You will have the authority to override the existing rules and regulations (Standing Instructions, Ship Security Plan) with respect to the vessel safety, his crew and the protection of the environment.


Preferable practical experience as a (Multicat) Skipper.

All STCW courses

  • Basic training
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats
  • Advanced Firefighting
  • GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate
  • GMDSS General Operator Certificate
  • Medical First Aid
  • Medical Care
  • Seafarer Employments Agreement (SEA)
  • Seafarer Medical Certificate
  • Seaman's book
  • Certificate of Competency


If one of your certificates is expired, feel free to apply and note this to your application.

Next to the legal requirements, as a Multicat Skipper you will have to complete all Van Oord required trainings all related to safety officer courses. You must be able to travel and work worldwide.

Supplementary Skills
Able to communicate in English spoken and in writing.

Behavioral competencies
Stress resistant and focused for longer periods, a good level of decisiveness, a good team player, great communication skills and in possession of a good work ethic with a hands on mentality.

Job location

Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands