Offshore Operations Planner

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for collecting and processing Drilling Key Performance indicators and metrics agreed with Project Team and Client
  • Perform regular offshore visits to identify improvements.
  • Attend Pre-Embark and offshore meetings as required.
  • Maintain good communication and co-operation between Customer and all relevant departments including third parties’ personnel.
  • Have daily verbal communication with Onshore Operations Planner.
  • Be proactive in planning and anticipate the customer and operation needs.
  • Be a driving force in identifying improvement and streamlining each task, focus on KPI´s.
  • Prepare and facilitate Bi-Weekly meetings with Customer with special focus on KPI improvements.
  • Review the drilling program and search for possible improvements.
  • Participate in well planning together with relevant departments.
  • Support operation on daily basis and liaise closely with Rig Superintendent.
  • Add operational procedures into clients guiding procedures. Update accordingly when required.
  • Participate in weekend duties at client facilities when required.
  • Work closely with logistic team.
  • Assist with the implementation of any lesson learned when an operation is done.
  • Conduct AAR meetings for capturing continues operational and HSE improvements.
  • Drive continuous improvement of SLB operational procedures to optimize the drilling operation.
  • Create and maintain Rig Need-list for each section. Ensure Need-list for each operation/section is prepared in due time
  • Keep control of all tubulars and handling equipment, and ensure required equipment is ready & shipped in due time according to plan.
  • Ensure that all Drilling and Tubular handling equipment complies with requirements such as SDLA and routine inspections of handling equipment. Equipment shall be inspected according to contractual requirements.
  • 100% compliance with features of Company QHSE Plan
  • Oversee the operational safety and efficiency of operations
  • Maintain operations, drilling tools and logistics files and records.
  • Support the Drilling Team in the use of DrillOps to manage the drilling operations
  • Perform other duties as assigned by SLB SLR Rig Superintendent
  • Advise the Onshore SLB Rig Superintendent and Offshore Senior Toolpusher of any requests and instructions from the Operator.
  • Set Operational Efficiency yearly objectives and follow up progress via quarterly reviews
  • Is always fully compliant and ensure Rig is compliant with the requirements of the QHSE policies, standards and guidelines.
  • Support the SLB Onshore Rig Superintendent to plan, organize and manage all daily rig operations including, but not limited to, drilling, well testing, work-over, well control, rig-down, rig move and rig up.
  • Supervises all key and/or critical operations and ensure that all non-critical operations are properly planned and supervised.
  • Maintain a positive and professional relationship with Client representatives.
  • Ensures that the operations are conducted to prevent the risk of well control, stuck pipe and any other drilling hazards, as defined on the Well Program and the Instructions to Drillers prepared by the Operator Representative.
  • Support the Toolpusher to reviews the Standard Operational Procedures.
  • Reviews Risk Identification Reports (RIRs), Observation & Intervention Reports (OI) on a weekly basis as per company and Project guidelines and objectives
  • Reviews the End of Well Report and sends comments to SLB Rig Superintendent

Minimum Job Requirements

  • At least five years previous experience in Offshore rig operations with a minimum of three years’ experience as a Driller.
  • Advanced English (mandatory)
  • Have a good level of computer skills, Microsoft Office tools
  • IWCF Level IV Well-control certificate
  • Leadership attitude

Behavior Requirements

  • Learns quickly and adapts to new problems and situations
  • Hands on
  • Is a relentless and versatile learner
  • Pursues everything with energy, drive and a need to finish
  • Uses logic to solve problems with effective solutions
  • Listens and can communicate effectively with managers, peers and clients both written and verbally.
  • Learns quickly and adapts to new problems and situations
  • Is personally committed to continuous improvement and solution orientated
  • Be a leader in Health, Safety, Environment and Risk Management
Job location