Ordinary Seaman

Job Responsibilities

If on Bridge Watch keeping duties, to assist the OOW to navigate the vessel in a safe and
seaman like manner.
Carry out any work required by the Chief Officer under the supervision of the Bosun in the
maintenance and good housekeeping of the deck and aspects of the accommodation as
maybe directed.
Under the Supervision of the Chief Officer, OOW or Bosun to assist in ensuring that any
cargo remains secure.
To ensure, before carrying out any tasks, an appropriate Permit to Work has been duly
completed and a risk assessment carried out.
When on gangway watch to assist the OOW and SSO in vessel's compliance with the SSP
When on Port watch keeping duties to assist with ensuring the vessel remains safely moored
through all stages of cargo operations and tides, where appropriate, under the supervision
of the OOW
Maintenance and upkeep of deckside of vessel as determined by the Chief Officer and to
operate under the supervision of the Bosun
Ensure that work and rest hour planning is done on an ongoing basis and rest hour
requirements are complied with to avoid fatigue. Any challenges in rest hour compliance
must be brought to the attention of Chief Officer / Master.
Under the supervision of Chief officer, OOW or Bosun or appropriate deck or engine officer,
AB and OS should assist with tasks related to loading and unloading of cargo which are
normally required to be carried out by ship’s crew members.


Minimum of 12 months service on deck on foreign going ships or maybe instructed by the Principal.
COP issued by national administration of respective countries.
Practical and theoretical knowledge of seamanship with regard to:
-Surface maintenance, painting system
-Use of maintenance and power tools
-Splicing of wires and ropes
-Understanding of look out duties
Working knowledge of spoken English.
Certificates compliant to STCW 2010 Manila amendments requirements.

Job location