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Job Responsibilities

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The deckhand responsibilities include assisting on deck to handle towlines (large-diameter ropes) and wire (heavy cable) and associated working gear such as heavy chains and shackles. The mission of the tug is to shift barges between terminals and dock and undock ships. The deckhand is required to assist in making and breaking tow which includes working with heavy gear including shackles, chains, wire straps and lines. Heavy strains are placed on machinery and gear.

Knowledge Skills And Abilities

  • The deckhand must possess good seamanship skills including the ability to tie knots, splice line and wire and handle large diameter lines.
  • These skills require the use of hand tools such as marlin spikes and fids.
  • Line throwing is an important deck skill.
  • Tow building techniques, securing boats and barges and general line handling working around cleats and bitts is essential.
  • Must be familiar with and observe proper safety practices, procedures and routines.
  • Must be familiar with emergency procedures including fire, man overboard, abandon ship and pollution response.
  • One also may be required to serve as lookout at times when the vessel is navigating in reduced visibility.
  • Wash down and clean vessel with soap and water.
  • Monitor, repair, and paint metal surfaces exposed to weather.
  • Keep deck clean and clear with lines coiled and stowed properly.
  • Clean all windows.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Master or Mate.

High School Diploma is required. Also must have a marine operations background; being familiar with shipyards, tugs, and barges. Necessary experience is dependent upon the individual, prefer minimum of 5 years sea-going experience on towing vessels. Must have TWIC Card, Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), and STCW to be considered for this position.


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The normal work schedule is between 30-60 days on and off depending on the job. Work shifts (watches) are six hours on watch and six hours off and so on during each day.

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