Port Engineer

Job Responsibilities


• Provide engineering expertise and management skills based on sound
engineering practices.

• Support to vessel engineers and shore bases workshop under the direction of the Technical Manager and in his absence the Country Manger.

• Ensure Technical Manger is informed in a timely manner of all significant mechanical issues that impacts availability and readiness of the fleet in support of our service commitment.

• Act as a practical liaison between the vessel crews and all onshore repair team and in exceptional cases as part of the tug crew if operational/technical situation so requires

Key Responsibilities:

• Ensuring constant mechanical/readiness of all vessels supporting activity in or around the Svitzer Bahrain and Sport Fleet by performing of proactive & scheduled monitoring of all vessels engineers in way they execute and perform their everyday maintenance and repairs.

• Support both the Technical and Operational Manager in establishing and projecting necessary repairs and overhauls based on machinery running hours to provide input to technical budgets.

• Participate in securing constant improvement by best engineering practices not only onboard the vessels but also the dedicated shore team of technical department.

• Actively provide input and initiative to enhance our M&R prowess amongst all national by monitoring closely how they follow Maker’s recommendations for servicing of all engines and ancillary equipment.

• Take a leading role in understanding SERTICA and monitor the input and closeout of all M&R related items entered to improve a better overview on how the Engineers take ownership of what they are expected to do.

• Assist the Technical Manager in the planning and execution of any major
mechanical failure of main engines or engine upgrades to improve vessel
mechanical reliability by provided sound input after diagnosis of and engines performance and expected working life.

• Support the development of all nationals based ashore ensuring the use the best engineering & electrical practices for every job they performed on any vessel.

• Actively support HSSEQ manager in the promotion of safety and safe working practices and as an operational priority act as part of the steering
committee for safety on board the vessels and shore in the workshop by always preparing for everyday tasks with a morning toolbox meeting and constant monitoring of all personnel to ensure correct PPE is always worn.

• As part of the port management team, act as out of hours contact person
for operational and technical support.

• Strive for efficiency in every repair executed by ensuring best engineering practices, knowledge and available services have been
applied to the task at hand.

• At company discretion he should be able to act as C/E on board Bahrain Fleet as well Gulf Clusters vessels in case that any urgent matter require to release any of C/E ‘s .

• Produce monthly report and input to the technical and operations managers for reporting progress to the Managing Director and the Client.



• Chief engineer unlimited with minimum 5 years’ experience or 1 year offshore

• Additional Certifications in mechanical fitting, machining & general engineering with emphasis on hydraulics, pneumatics and driveline

Functional Experience:

• Prior experience with tugboats or OSV/AHTS vessels.

• Troubleshooting experience in hydraulic systems, low voltage control systems, vessel DC power systems for staring ancillaries and fault finding
thru diagnostic of engine power management and fuel injection

• Knowledge and experiences in many types of diesel engines in main drive applications and in ancillary drive applications such as power plants etc.

• Hands-on experience under breakdown conditions with overhauls & complete engine change outs with a shore based support team.

• Adequate purchase experience in searching and ordering spares for vessels

• Must remain up to date with Industry advances, technology and legislation.

• Arabic Speaking Preferable.

Personal Attributes:

• Resilient, pro-active, selfstarter.

• Have an ability to make decisions and prioritize.

• Work well under pressure, under occasional tight deadlines, and retain sense of humour.

• Team Player

• Good communication skills, able to act with tact and diplomacy.

• Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills essential.

We offer

The Mechanical Port Engineer will form part of the Cluster Technical team, having input to overall fleet (11 tug boats) Maintenance and Repair
support/decisions. You will be responsible for mechanical aspects of vessel management and will work closely with the Head of Technical Support and Operations Manager to manage all technical issues.

You will also manage vessels maintenance and condition, maintaining close liaison on technical matters with the Regional Technical Team
based in Dubai.

The position offers a unique opportunity for a pro-active and organized individual to exercise technical competence across a large operation, building a culture of technical excellence and craftsmanship across the
fleet. This position will be able to draw from a well developed toolbox within the Global Svitzer organization, selecting and applying practices from other parts of the world and applying in a local context.

A network of seasoned Technical Specialists/Managers across various geographies are your go-to peers for sparring and consultation. The AMEA Region currently operates vessels in ports and terminals in India, Egypt, Angola, Oman, Bahrain, Liberia, Qatar, Bangladesh, China, Morocco and Russia and is shortlisted for large projects is other countries.
The combined enterprises consist of: Bahrain - Long term contract with Maersk sister company APM Terminals for towage and pilotage services requiring 6 vessels, and additional Marine Services, Mooring Gang etc
and; Spot Fleet – direct management of 2 vessels with additional vessels on bareboat charter with clients.

Job location