Port Engineer

Job Responsibilities

-Supervise and actively participate in the evaluation and screening of voyage repairs, ship submitted requisitions, requisitioning of maintenance and similar services and selection of vendors.
-Assist in planning and execution maintenance, repairs, classification surveys, regulatory surveys (USCG), equipment upgrades and similar tasks.
-Develop work specifications for voyage /emergency repairs and services from contractors.
-Develop intermediate/special survey/dry-dock specifications and oversee all aspects of successful completion of dry-docking and associated surveys.
-Ensure thorough compliance with regulatory changes and third party vetting requirements, including SIRE, TMSA and CAP for tankers.
-Develop design changes and approve design packages for submission to class and flag state.
-Prepare and execute budgets for ship daily running cost accounts.
-Prepare budgets based on expected specification package for special and intermediate surveys (in and out of water).
-Execute oversight and daily supervision of work performed by shipyards when docked for repairs or surveys.
-Provide oversight for vessel Masters and Chief Engineers to ensure that missions/voyages are efficiently and safely performed in accordance with contract requirements.
-Recommend appointment of personnel for senior positions of Chief Engineer.
-Actively coordinate with terminals, vendors and other functions in order to service the vessel with timely attention and efficiency.
-Act as the maintenance/readiness point of contact with the customer/charterer.
-Be an advocate for shipboard safety, the company safety culture and actively support timely attention to any safety issue.
-Responsible for internal MLL coordination of engineering matters to ensure contract or charter party compliance and customer satisfaction.
-Review the vessel safety committee meeting minutes and initiate timely follow-up of issues identified.
-Manage email traffic in order to ensure issues are addressed as per ISM procedures.
-Support the Program Manager in handling and closing out claims pertaining to P&I or Hull Machinery insurance matters.
-Act on continuous improvement initiatives with timely attention and completion in a cost efficient manner.
-Participate in internal audit or vetting as directed by the Program Manager.
-Responsible for meeting the requirements and deadlines in preparation of shipyard specifications, selection of vendors, and optimal utilization of ship's force during the shipyard period.


-The successful applicant must meet one of the following experience criteria:
-USCG Chief Engineer License or equivalent international standard as Chief Engineer.
-Equivalent experience/service aboard either MSC or commercial vessels in a supervisory position with service ashore in a supervisory position overseeing vessel operations within the Maritime Industry or Government Service.
-B.S. from an accredited institution, degree in marine engineering or equivalent degree is required.
-10 years of direct responsibility for the operation and maintenance of Tanker Vessels
-10 years of experience overseeing vessel preparation and completion of SIRE inspections
Proficient in the use of the following programs:
-ABS Nautical Systems (NS)
-ISF Watchkeeper

-Excellent interpersonal skills.
Travel Requirements: Extensive overseas travel (including travel in cars, boats, ships, and airplanes) will be required to attend to short notice customer schedule changes, support of design and implementation of sponsor requested ship modifications, shipyard maintenance, to ride vessels or visit vessels for quality assurance and general management of vessel and crews, and on short notice for casualties, to conduct investigations and to protect the company’s reputation, as is required by the contract specifications, or as directed by management.

Job location

Norfolk ,USA