Regional Operational Site Manager

Job Responsibilities

Some of the main tasks includes:

Ensure ROV team and equipment always at the ready

Purchasing spares locally as required by ROV engineer (Setting up suppliers etc)

Ensuring maintenance schedules are carried out on ROV and ancillary equipment (liaising with OEMs as necessary)

Monitor hull cleaning team compliance in terms of working hours, safety etc

Maintain logs and documentation satisfactory with good business practice

The PIC of jobs once confirmed in progress

Ensuring complete info on scope of each job is available and aligned with the commercial team

Liaise with agents / terminal as required

Liaise closely and continuously with subcontractors as required, ensuring scope is clear and agreed for Hull Cleaning and Ancillary dive jobs

Continuously communicate with on board ROV pilots and keep client PIC up to date of ongoing job progress

Manage and keep client PIC updated on all aspects of the job, including the go-ahead green light confirmation for cleaning

Write/Sign off on external job-reports, ensuring correct and accurate information is reported to the customer

Respond to and manage/follow up on any question the customer might have with regards to the job-report

Collate all docs from onboard pilot for internal and external use


As our ideal candidate, you are:

Customer focused: you always put the customer first and have the toolbox and experience to identify and validate key customer problems from an operational perspective

Manage stakeholders proactively: you are capable of building strategic partnerships and excel in stakeholder management to establish a community of support around your operation

Project oriented: you have strong project management skills allowing you to follow multiple initiatives and ensure holistic direction is maintained across them

Strong leader: you are willing and able to lead by example and inspire others to follow

Optimistic: you believe obstacles are just a trigger for change

Marine Ops background: You have a solid history of marine operational experience

Process oriented: You recognize, through years of practical experience, that delivering Operational performance require solid process-development and execution

Bilingual: With English being the global working language of Svitzer, while Spanish being the predominantly spoken language in Panama, it would be essential to master both to succeed in this role.

All candidates should have a valid working permit in Panama.

Job location