Second Engineer

Job Responsibilities

  • Acting as deputy Chief in the Chief Engineer’s absence
  • Keeping the Chief Engineer informed of the status of all mechanical equipment
  • Responsible for ensuring all generators and auxiliary machinery are ready for use at all times and set to "auto" where appropriate
  • Responsible for ensuring all engine sumps, fuel oil and lub-oil tanks are kept at normal working levels and maintaining an inventory of oils and greases
  • Responsible for ensuring all machinery is running normally and that any abnormal conditions or consumptions are reported to the Chief Engineer
  • Responsible for keeping the Chief Engineer informed of spares and stores used and for their receipt and safe stowage
  • Duty Engineer on call for engine room alarms, normally one night out of three
  • Responsible for adhering to MP2 Professional maintenance requirements
  • During jacking and manoeuvring operations, responsible for ensuring all associated jacking / manoeuvring equipment is in proper working order
  • During jacking, maintain a watch on deck on the jacking machinery, or as directed by the Chief Engineer
  • During manoeuvring, maintain a machinery space watch and a watch on Marine Operator Work Station (MOWS) No. 4, or as directed by the Chief Engineer
  • Prepare work orders and work permits, requiring isolation as appropriate to progress maintenance activities
  • Diagnose and rectify faults to maximise equipment availability and report all defects to management
  • Carry out effective troubleshooting to maximize installation efficiency, identify spares required, and initiate ordering of same.
  • Monitors and controls work by vendors/contractors within own remit.
  • Fundamental to Installation recovery from level zero.
  • Input accurate data into SAP for recording of working time (Time writing) and historical data.
  • Operate as part of the multi-tasking Operations Team, assisting with helicopter, supply boat process and tanker operations as required.
  • Provide Chief Engineer input and feedback into the installation work planning process
  • Ensure your personal certificates as per Company skills matrix are valid and safety critical competency is maintained and also compile and maintain personal profile to demonstrate competency in line with Company procedure
  • In the event of an emergency, carry out such duties as identified in the emergency response procedure or station bill and participate in emergency response team training
  • Train other personnel as directed; take on multi-tasking duties as and when competency proved in skills defined by Client and act flexibly to cover temporary projects and other roles as required
  • Actively suggest improvements to installation processes and use the Maintenance change process where appropriate
  • Provide a detailed handover log to provide sufficient information to the oncoming shift team to continue safe and efficient operation


  • Department of Transport Certificate of Competency as Chief Engineer Class 1 Motor (STCW.95)
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training course
  • OGUK and ENG.1 medicals
  • Panamanian certification
  • Marine operations and self-elevating platforms
  • H2S breathing apparatus
  • Approved gas tester and confined space entry certificate
  • Permit to work system awareness
  • Computerised planned maintenance system
  • STOP and/or Synergi awareness
  • Manual handling
  • Company familiarisation and induction training, covering operations and safety
  • QA/QC and protection of the environment
  • Offshore Fire / Emergency Response Team Member preferred
  • Offshore Fire / Emergency Helideck Team Member preferred
  • Experience in the offshore industry is advantageous
  • Experience as Second Engineer including experience on similar unit which includes experience in lift boats, jack-up rigs or supply boats
Job location

Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom