Second Mate

Job Responsibilities

Receive and provide necessary written instructions from and to the other Deck Officer

Is Conversant with the vessel maneuvering and bridge equipment + the vessel DP system including its functions, the manuals and procedures.

Aware of the DP Plan Maintenance

Communicate and report to the Master any deficiency, incident or event that may potentially impact the vessel operations (including DP operations)

Participate in emergency and DP emergency response trainings.

Committed to Safety and Company Procedures in all task

Above mentioned list of duties is not exhaustive and tasks on board vessels assigned to this position are not limited to above list.


Our minimum certificate requirements:

OOW license unlimited (STCW A-II/1)
DPO unlimited certificate

Our minimum experience requirements:


4 months seatime in rank on AHTW/TUG
1 Rig Move/Towing

For PSV:

6 months seatime in rank on any vessels


6 months seatime in rank on MPSV

Job location