Second Officer

Job Responsibilities

  • Act as Junior DP Operator
  • Act as Junior Officer of the Bridge Watch when on Operations. Officer of the watch when on conventional watches.
  • Responsible as ‘Back Up’ HLO.
  • Maintain vessel stationary stock, national and signal flags at their required level
  • Act as Officer of Deck Watch during the ship’s stay in Port
  • Assist the Chief Officer with the maintenance of Life Saving and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Assist the First Officer with maintenance of navigating equipment.
  • Assist the Chief officer in the upkeep and maintenance of DP Equipment including the HPR and Taut wire positioning equipment
  • Assist Senior Officer of the Bridge Watch in navigation/look out when ship is off DP.
  • Assist the Project Team as requested and approved by the Senior Officer of the Watch and in compliance with the Master/Chief Officer’s instructions.
  • Assist as required in conducting safety induction tours for new joining personnel.
  • In port assist Ship Security Officer with vessel security arrangements
  • Assist Chief Officer in providing support to the Master in conducting “Shipboard Management Review” in accordance with the ISM Code.

Where there is more than one Second Officer onboard the duties maybe divided between both Officers at Master’s discretion depending upon their watch.

  • STCW 95 (A-II/1) Certificate of Competency (Deck-OOW-Operational Level) meeting legislative requirements of the Flag State
  • Recognised Seaman’s discharge book
  • Recognised DP Operator’s Unlimited Certificate and experience in accordance with IMCA M 117
  • Experience on large DP vessels
  • Appropriate proficiency in the operation of GMDSS
  • Must have prior experience working on multi-purpose offshore construction and dive support vessel
  • Able to communicate effectively in English, both verbally and in writing in accordance with STCW Code Table A-II/I
  • Appropriate understanding of Flag State Maritime Law / Legislation for Operational level
  • Appropriate understanding of ship’s Safety Management System (Ref: ISM Code)
  • Completed Security Awareness training relevant for the position (Ref: ISPS Code)
  • Hold at all times a valid seafarers medical fitness certificate and offshore survival certification
  • Minimum of “1” years’ experience as a watch keeping officer
  • Substantial DSV experience is good to have
Job location

Scotland, United Kingdom