Senior/Vessel Manager

Job Responsibilities

To ensure that operations of the assigned vessels is maintained safely and economically in accordance with the Group HSSEQ System, and owners’ commercial requirements; and that all essential support is extended to the vessel for the purpose, and for addressing emergencies.

Job Description

Daily Operations

  • Responsible for implementing and maintaining a safe, cost efficient and environmentally sound operation standard in compliance with Group’s HSSEQ System as well as International Marine regulations for a given number of vessels.
  • To manage the daily operation of the number of vessels assigned to him in accordance with Group’s HSSEQ System & Best Practice.
  • Advise Masters / Chief Engineers and Ship Staff on
  • Cargo & Tank / Hold
  • Port Operations
  • Anchoring & Mooring Operations
  • Technical / Engine Room Operations
  • Port, Passage & War Information, Insurance coverage for all Vessels
  • Follow up the on board maintenance system (AMOS), monitor the status and act on overdue items.
  • Evaluate and monitor the required reporting from the vessels, act as required and inform other office sections and external bodies as is relevant.
  • Follow up class and statutory certification status, condition of class and arrange for the necessary surveys and inspections (flag state, certification for Panama Canal etc.)
  • Liaise with Principals regarding Vessel safe operations.


Ship board Inspections

  • Visit vessels regularly (at least three times a year, including a short sailing visit). On each visit, a Superintendent Visit Report, (Form TSM 064A), is to be completed and left onboard. Following inspections needs to be conducted during these inspections
  • Quarterly condition Report TSM 064 B
  • Deficiency list TSM 064 D
  • Prepare a Vessel Visit Executive Summary for each Shipboard attendance
  • All Audit & Inspection Reports need to be filed / updated in Common drives or Database as applicable. Follow up with vessels / office to close the deficiencies noted during these visits.
  • Prepare weekly, monthly, Bi-annual, Quarterly Management reports, as agreed with each Principal, for the Fleet Group Manager’s approval.


Oil Major / CDI & Other Commercial Inspections

  • Assist in coordinating, arranging and timely follow up Oil Major Vetting Inspections as directed.
  • Assist in arranging external safety audits and onboard training by co-coordinating with the appointed audit or training company.
  • Follow up on closure of deficiencies noted during inspections.


Incident / Accident / Crisis Management & investigation

  • Member of TSM Emergency Response Team.
  • Conducts investigation and root cause analysis of Incidents, Accidents, and Near Miss & Stopper Cards.
  • Review Corrective Actions, Preventive Actions and Recommendations from investigation and analysis of accidents, marine casualties and near misses.
  • Assist, and participate in table top exercises and emergency drills.


Port, Flag State Inspections & Other Statutory Audits (ISM/ISPS)

  • Assist in coordinating and timely follow up Flag State Inspection, External & Internal ISM, ISPS and MLC Audits as directed.
  • Support vessels during Port State Inspections and follow up on prompt closure of noted deficiencies as required.
  • Follow up, Review, Approval and submission of the Corrective Active Plan / Report to authorities as required.



  • Assisting Vessels for documenting / conducting Risk Assessments. Evaluation and
  • Monitoring.
  • Evaluate & document Off- Hire records (Planned as well as unplanned).
  • Stores Supply & Budget Planning.
  • Maintain strict cost control of the Annual Operating Budget for each of the assigned vessels.
  • Review monthly cost control and approve monthly financial reports before sending to Fleet Group Manager for review.
  • Assimilate input from the assigned vessels as well as other relevant departments and prepare each vessel’s Annual Operating Budget.
  • Monitor the requisitions generated from the vessel to ensure that they are submitted in a timely manner. Follow up with the Purchasing Department for delivery of ordered items on board.
  • Approve invoices for payment.
  • Liaise with the Insurance Manager (or Principals) in H&M claims handling. Provide technical input, and cost information, if required, for P&I claims (cargo and crew) and H&M claims.



  • Make performance evaluations of Masters/ Chief Engineers assigned to the vessel under supervision.
  • Provide input to the Manning Department on recruitment of Senior Officers for the assigned vessels.


Dry Docking & Repairs

  • Plan, manage, monitor and execute vessels repairs, dry dockings and conversions within agreed budgets.
  • Arrange and follow up repairs and services.
  • Coordinate with the assigned vessels and prepare the dry docking specification in conjunction with Docking Superintendent, Fleet Services. Submit the specification to yards for quotations, evaluate the received quotations and present them to the Fleet Group Manager and/or Chief Operating Officer for review.
  • Attend the dry-docking, discuss shipyard invoicing before presenting same to the Fleet Group Manager and/or Chief Operating Officer for approval.
  • Prepare docking report.
  • Class 1 Certificate of Competency
  • Class 2 Certificate of Competency and University Qualification
  • Previous experience as Chief Engineer/ Master for a minimum of 8 months on relevant type of ships
  • A proven track record as Superintendent for a minimum of 1 year in a shore based Shipping Company will have an advantage.
  • Candidate who are deemed technically competent and without shore experience will be considered.
Job location

Zadar, Croatia