Shipping Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for supporting the objectives of the Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality Policy and Information Security Management Policy by adhering to applicable Procedures and Work Instructions while fulfilling of duties.
  • Be aware of and comply with the Shipping Execution Procedures.
  • Be aware of the requirements of Licensors', Clients’, and Projects Execution Centre (India) Secrecy Agreements.
  • Become acquainted with the relevant specifications, terms, conditions, schedules,and procedures pertaining to the Project, including Shipping information developed in the relevant Proposal.
  • Prepare and issue the specific Project Shipping Procedures as directed by Project Procurement Manager and / or Project Manager.
  • Prepare and issue Purchase Order Attachments related to shipping requirements as required by the project.
  • Ensure that lines of communication for the Project are established between the Shipping Team, Project Manager, Engineering, Procurement, Accounts and Construction as required by the project shipping scope.
  • Review Computerised Tracking System to reflect the requirements for recording each stage of the shipping operation.
  • In conjunction with the Project Procurement Manager / Manager-Purchasing / Manager -Procurement, negotiate with Freight rates and get reductions for the project and circulate the resultant rates to all interested parties, whenever required. Maintain register of changes in freight rates and surcharges and circulate the same, as necessary.
  • If required, carry out a detailed shipping survey including route availability from port to Site, selection of import agent, meetings with Customs authorities, Transport authorities and Treasury authorities, to establish all requirements in the country of destination, and also the possibility of establishing bonded areas at Site.
  • For out-of-gauge loads, receive Expediting Reports from the Procurement Group and make Shipping arrangements accordingly.
  • Receive and log Release Notes from the Procurement Group by means of the Procurement Group’s Computerised Tracking System as required by the shipping scope of the project.
  • Ensure that Suppliers' invoices and packing lists and other necessary documents are obtained to meet Shipping requirements and that these documents are checked for correctness.
  • Where special ships or aircraft are required, obtain at least three quotations. Prepare Bid Summary and obtain Project Manager and Client's approval. Check the ensuing Charter Party documents and arrange for the involvement of Engineering specialist groups, the Insurance Company's surveyors and the Project Manager in meetings with selected Shipping Company to establish the safe method of loading and securing for sea shipment and to monitor the performance.
  • Advise the Project Procurement Manager and Project Manager if any situation arises which could affect the shipment of materials outside the estimated delivery period.
  • Issue MMT / OFS and Shipping Release as per project shipping scope and provide the Procurement team with details of shipping instruction.
  • Maintain and update shipping records by means of Procurement Group’s Computerised Tracking System.
  • Receive Bills of Lading and Freight accounts and check these both against freight rate lists and against the shipping documents to ensure that the correct rate, weights, and measurements are used.
  • Prepare completed sets of documents and forward to the Import Shipping Agent to arrive before the carrying vessel, enabling prompt Customs clearance to take place. In the case of airfreight ensure that these documents accompany the Airway bill and the goods. Ensure that declaration is made against the Marine Insurance Policy where Projects Execution Centre (India) are responsible.
  • Monitor shipping man hour expenditure on assigned project and take action to ensure budgets are met.
  • Receive Discrepancy Reports and process claims against suppliers for faulty or short packing or against Shipping or Airline companies, carriers, and Insurance Company.
  • Attend material progress review meetings as required.
  • Investigate all requirements in the country of destination for importation of project materials, temporary import of construction equipment and personal effects, and supply this information both at proposal and project stages to all interested parties, keeping this information updated after project award.
  • Maintain and file shipping documentation for information and auditing purposes.


  • Graduate in any discipline (Essential)
  • Post graduate Diploma in Logistics / Shipping / Foreign Trade / Import Export Management (Desirable)
  • Minimum ten (10) years of experience in project shipping requirements including the Oil & Gas, petrochemical industry.
  • Knowledgeable and coordination experience in heavy / over dimensional cargo, FCL / LCL, break bulks.
  • Having relevant experience in coordination with international liners, freight forwarders for road/rail/sea/air cargo, CHA, customs/ Excise, Chamber of commerce.
  • Knowledgeable in latest INCO terms, import/export formalities, tariff duties, paperwork related to hazardous cargo shipments.
  • Experience in assisting negotiation and finalization of Contracts with CHA/ Freight Forwarders/Liners.
  • Must be able to prepare project shipping procedures and assist shipping cost estimates during proposals.
Job location

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India