Surveyor, Assistant Chief

Job Responsibilities

  • Acts as a professional specialist for the organization in the application of related rules, regulations, requirements, concepts, principles and processes.
  • Stays up-to-date with ABS Rules, Guides, and Statutory requirements.
  • Develops guidance and training for survey staff on implementation and application of ABS Rules, Guides, and Statutory requirements.
  • Makes survey-related presentations to the Surveyors within the Hemisphere on a regular basis.
  • Provides oversight through activity monitoring of ABS Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management System. Provides input to the Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President on survey manpower requirements including quality, quantity, experience, training, and professionalism of Surveyors within the Hemisphere.
  • Responsible for maintaining the organization, staffing, training and day-to-day operations of the Assistant Chief Surveyor’s office in order to carry out assigned functions. Makes changes to organization, staffing, and budgets, as conditions warrant, with the approval of the Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President.
  • Appraises the performance and development potential of direct subordinates and recommends appropriate compensation adjustments.
  • Serves as a member of the Hemisphere Quality Steering Committee and Management Review Board.
  • Provides input for survey-related Rule changes.
  • Attends Hemisphere Technical Committees, as necessary, and assist in presentations of survey-related matters.
  • May assist Hemisphere marketing effort at trade shows and other occasions, as directed by the Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President.
  • May make survey-related presentations at trade seminars and Technical Societies, as directed by the Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President.
  • May attend meetings of IMO, IACS, TSCF, and other bodies, as directed by the Vice President/Chief Surveyor and/or Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President and/or Corporate Executive Vice President and COO.
  • Provides guidance to ABS clients by means of meetings and/or seminars on changes to ABS Rules and Regulatory requirements.
  • Provides input on budgets and business planning when requested by the Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President.
  • Keep Vice President/Chief Surveyor and Hemisphere (Senior) Vice President advised of major survey-related problems in the Hemisphere. Provide other input and data as requested by the Vice President/Chief Surveyor
  • Responsible for maintaining the port state control database of detained and/or intervened ABS classed vessels in their Hemisphere. Liaise with the MOU Regimes, as necessary regarding ABS classed vessels that have been detained by the Port State Authorities.
  • Serves as a member of the Hemisphere Safety Committee.

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities Required (KSAR)

  • Ability to develop a working knowledge of ABS Rules, Guides, statutory regulations, and related instructions, as well as the ABS Employee Safety Policy.
  • Ability to read engineering plans and have a basic understanding of shipbuilding practices and vessel operations.
  • Ability to perform surveys in the prescribed format.
  • Knowledge of computer programs or software packages related to job responsibilities.
  • Knowledge of related technical interfaces required for group project work.
  • Knowledge of ships' engineering systems and machinery.
  • Ability to communicate, orally and in writing, pertinent information relative to assigned area of technical expertise.
  • Ability to analyze problems and propose solutions.
  • Responsiveness to customers.
  • Ability to work well with others.
  • The management skills to organize, plan, and direct the work activities of other professional employees.
  • The human relations skills necessary to maintain positive client contacts and provide leadership and motivation to subordinate staff and peers.
  • Working knowledge of the ABS Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

Minimum Years Of Experience

  • Minimum three (3) years’ experience working as Principal Surveyor or Lead Surveyor.
  • An exceptional Comprehensive understanding of ABS strategic technical positioning in their respective sector of the marine industry.
  • International assignment or significant exposure to international processes, requirements, business issues and problem resolution.
  • Possesses and demonstrates a mastery of the comprehensive body of knowledge in Survey operations.

Required/Preferred Education Requirements

  • Qualifications from a tertiary institution within a relevant field of engineering or physical science (minimum two (2) years program); or
  • Qualifications from a marine or nautical institution and relevant seagoing experience as a certificated ship officer, and
  • Proficiency in the English language commensurate with the scope of statutory certification and services and, before assignment, with their future work.
  • Minimum requirements & knowledge listed for Principal Surveyor or Lead Surveyor.

Required/Preferred Professional Requirements

Appropriate certification and/or licenses in area of specialization as may be required.

Job location

United States of America-TX-Houston