Surveyor-Senior Position

Job Responsibilities

At Van Oord, we build landmark maritime works which are often essential to ensure people's safety (and dry feet) and contribute to sustainable development. We love our work, but we don't love surprises. That's why your role as Surveyor is so important. You supply the project teams on site (from the Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands to the tropical Maldives or even off the coast of Taiwan) with topographic and hydrographic information, based on which important decisions are made. On a rotation basis and with a good work/ life balance, you provide the information required for the safe, responsible, sustainable and efficient execution of projects costing millions. Whether it's land reclamation, an offshore wind farm or the construction of a port, the project teams need to be able to trust your information implicitly. From setting up, maintaining and calibrating the advanced measurement equipment to analysing and incorporating the data into accurate and reliable maps, thanks to your efforts we will never be stumbling around in the dark. This is rightly regarded as a vital link and indeed a unique role, calling for your knowledge and ingenuity on and below the water.


You are an analytical and accurate worker. You have no problem working with your fellow Surveyors on big projects but if you're the only one in the team, you're also happy with that. You like sharing your knowledge and provide solid advice for the project managers and the project team. In addition, you bring the following to the table

  • At least four years work experience as a surveyor on comparable projects;
  • Excellent command of the English language.
Job location

Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands