Technical Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

The vessel manager is authorized to allocate budget resources keeping all stakeholders appraised in order to achieve primary targets.

· Implement the HSE management system within the respective area of responsibility;

· Ensure that maintenance and operational standards are compiled to enable the vessels to operate safely without any incident or detention;

· Ensure that procedures are compiled to evaluate and manage changes in operations, procedures, vessel equipment, or personnel and to ensure that Company’s safety, quality, and environmental standards are not compromised;

· Monitor the development and upkeep of the planned maintenance programs and their records onboard the vessels and in the shore office

· Conduct shipboard and shore-based verification of operational and maintenance records and reports of vessels;

· Monitor the physical condition of the vessels through shore-based verification and periodic structured inspection of the vessels;

· Ensure that necessary improvements are tracked to completion, for the vessels;

· Conduct shipboard and shore-based verification of all applicable certification and class documentation of vessels;

· Ensure that necessary surveys and inspections are conducted in a planned and timely manner;

· Ensure and monitor shore-based support to vessels for timely availability of appropriate spares, materials,

· Ensure and monitor the implementation and testing of the emergency-preparedness system;

· Ensure and monitor the implementation of an effective reporting, investigation, and follow-up method to learn from near misses and incidents, and thus prevent recurrence;

· Ensure and monitor the implementation and follow up of an effective and structured process for inspection and audits for the vessels;

· Prepare vessels for inspection/audit by PSC, Flag, RightShip, and similar bodies; follow up deficiencies arising out of the preparation and inspection until final closure;

· Monitor the implementation of the SMS on the vessels and ensure that timely attention and feedback are provided for reports originating from the vessels;

· Identify and verify training needs of shipboard personnel whose work may cause a significant impact on safety, environment, and operations and provide feedback regarding such training needs through appropriate remarks in the Appraisal Report and other reports to the Company’s management;

· Handle insurance claims during the average repair period.

· Follow technological developments of new equipment within the function;

· Endeavour to stay updated on rules/regulations and safety standards within the function.

· Preparing & submitting budgets to Head of Fleet Management.



A Chief Engineer with experience working for International Dry Bulk shipowners.

Energetic; client-focused and excellent relationship manager

Job location

Dubai, United Arab Emirates