Technical Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

- You accompany the edges in the implementation and evolution of the HSE culture.
- You ensure the technical management of a fleet composed of several vessels
- You are the interface with the classification societies concerning the ships for which you are responsible
- You are the guarantor of the respect of the maintenance budget of the ship
- You prepare and monitor scheduled technical shutdown operations with internal stakeholders
- You are the Functional Manager of the Chief Engineer
- You prepare the annual Maintenance budget
- You visit your vessels and carry out technical inspections
- You are the guarantor of the proper implementation on board the ships under your responsibility of the projects and technical tools deployed by the Group
- You contribute to the continuous improvement of the standards of the Technical Department


- You have significant experience in maritime or industrial technical management (mechanics, electronics, automated systems, etc.)
- You have a good knowledge of safety tools, procedures and a good HSE culture.
- You have a good knowledge of computerized maintenance management systems
- You are an adaptable person with the ability to transpose his industrial technical knowledge to new terrains, as well as to assimilate a specific maritime context and to operate his ships in compliance with the regulations
- You know how to work independently, in an organized way by managing your priorities while reporting to the Fleet Manager on a regular and synthetic basis.
- You are able to manage projects (forecasting, planning, monitoring, networking,...) and manage suppliers (selection, organization, monitoring)
- You know how to set budgets, monitor them and report
- Good oral communication, interpersonal skills and pedagogical sense an dmanagerial skills
- English read, spoken and written
- You have significant experience as a Technical Superintendent, Shipboard Engineer Officer or Industrial Engineer.
- Knowledge of the offshore industry would be an asset.

Job location