Third Engineer

Job Responsibilities

The Third Engineer shall:
• Conduct his / her duties in the best interest of the company and as directed by the Chief Engineer and/or Second Engineer
• Operate propulsion and auxiliary machinery and maintain the vessel, its machinery and equipment in compliance with the Chief Engineer's and Second Engineers instructions
• Report to the Chief Engineer and/or Second Engineer:
o Defects
o Non-conformances
o Matters which could affect safe fuel and sludge operations, or could present a risk of health and safety or pollution, quality to work or operational efficiency
• Perform safe, efficient, cost-effective operations, maintenance and repair in accordance with the Chief Engineer's and Second Engineers instructions, relevant legislation, and Company procedures
• Keep the Chief Engineer, vessel management and other functions on board informed, to co-ordinate and control activities, maximizing safety, quality and environmental protection
• Obtain permission from the master before starting maintenance on critical equipment
• Keep him/herself informed of all matters concerning the vessel's operations within his/her fields of responsibility.
• Understudy the Second Engineer for future responsibility and instruction.


At least 6 months sea time* in rank experience on vessels with UMS and minimum 20000 BHP engine size


Job location

Pasay, Philippines