Third Officer

Job Responsibilities

  • Maintain a navigational and anchor watch in compliance with all legislative, national, international and Company applicable requirements including the management of lookouts.
  • Maintain a cargo watch in compliance with all legislative, national, international and Company requirements including the management of the deck watch.
  • To carry out Deck Department duties, including Mooring and anchoring operations and taking stores, as directed by the Master
  • Conform with all the requirements of the Fleet OMS applicable to the rank.
  • Make the correct and appropriate entries into the ships log books.
  • Maintain and correct Admiralty Light Lists and Radio signals
  • Maintain and operate lifeboats, LSA (Life Saving Appliances) equipment, GMDSS, Flags and Signaling Equipment under the supervision of the Chief Officer.
  • Operate the ship’s GMDSS equipment, for routine and distress communication
  • Act as a member of the Shipboard Emergency Response and Fire Fighting Team in accordance with the muster lists and shipboard contingency plans.
  • To carry out ISPS duties in accordance with the vessel’s Ship Security Plan.
  • To become familiar with the roles and duties of the Second Officer.
  • Assist the Master in the administration of the Catering Department.
  • An Officer of Watch Certificate from a designated Maritime Authority.
  • A good knowledge of all appropriate navigation systems.
  • A good knowledge of safety and emergency systems and equipment on-board.
  • Holding Specialized Oil/ Chemical or Gas Training in conjunction with tanker endorsement where applicable

Desirable Skills/Education

  • A Class-II Certificate of Competency
Job location