urgent requirement for a Tanker

Job Responsibilities

  • USE our code DXB / TANKER/ 008/rank/ in email subject.

Second Officer

  • Act as Junior DP Operator
  • Act as Junior Officer of the Bridge Watch when on Operations. Officer of the watch when on conventional watches.
  • Maintain vessel stationary stock, national and signal flags at their required level
  • Act as Officer of Deck Watch during the ship’s stay in Port
  • Assist the Chief Officer with the maintenance of Life Saving and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Assist the First Officer with maintenance of navigating equipment.
  • Assist the Chief officer in the upkeep and maintenance of DP Equipment including the HPR and Taut wire positioning equipment
  • Assist Senior Officer of the Bridge Watch in navigation/look out when ship is off DP.
  • Assist the Project Team as requested and approved by the Senior Officer of the Watch and in compliance with the Master/Chief Officer’s instructions.
  • Assist as required in conducting safety induction tours for new joining personnel.
  • In port assist Ship Security Officer with vessel security arrangements
  • Assist Chief Officer in providing support to the Master in conducting “Shipboard Management Review” in accordance with the ISM Code.

For 45000 DWT Tanker


  • Required Tanker Experience
  • Honduras or any white listed COC accepted
  • Valid STCW Documents

Joining within a week from UAE


  • Seafarers Employment Agreement will be directly between Candidates and vessel owners.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be informed via email followed by a formal interview.



Job location

Dubai, United Arab Emirates