Voyage Operations Specialist

Job Responsibilities

  • Manages all assigned CSC Owned, Bareboat, Term and Voyage Charter Tonnage.
  • Plans voyages of assigned vessels including cargoes, fuel management, agency nominations and operational considerations.
  • Issues orders to vessels, brokers or direct to owners as appropriate giving full instructions and all pertinent information.
  • Administrates voyages in respect to terms and conditions of governing charter party.
  • Initiates claims for cargo, vessel, and commercial claims. Provides necessary documentation and assistance to other team members for claims settlement.
  • Ensure compliance with CSC safety requirements and applicable laws and regulations.
  • Prepares voyage economics as necessary to support decisions.
  • On a scheduled and unscheduled basis, receives phone calls and email at home and responds appropriately directing vessel activities during weekends and evenings.
  • Works with team members to Optimize Coverage in Relevant Regions.
  • Coordinates with Global Trading, Chevron Upstream & Downstream, and other Chevron customers to develop customer's marine transportation requirements.
  • Coordinates with Marine Assurance and their Marine Superintendent's on vessels incidents and crew competencies.
  • Coordinates with team members and customers to take advantage of any potential opportunity or freight market situations, while keeping customers advised of potential advantages.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with other Voyage Operations Specialists, Charterers, Traders and Analysts to ensure full optimization of all vessels in Chevron's fleet.
  • Practices approved risk management policies and processes in support of CSC team metrics.
  • Effectively balances risk/rewards by thoroughly evaluating possible outcomes and discussing with affected teammates and customers.
  • Provides appropriate voyage costing and term charter analyses to customers.
  • Develops and maintain customer relationships.
  • Actively seeks customer feedback to continuously improve team performance.
  • Demonstrates a customer awareness that recognizes and responds to customer needs and expectations.
  • Develops & supports Chevron Marine goals and strategies.
  • Serves as process owner for specific work processes as directed.
  • Participates in the definition, development and maintenance of team metrics to support the CSC mission, vision and values and actively support the team strategies for cost management.
  • Participates in learning look backs for voyages with other team members and customers to validate decision making parameters and to ensure continuous improvement of voyage management practices.
  • Reviews and prepares comments on customer supply / lift contracts for Chevron Marine Legal and customers.



Required Qualifications

  • Minimum of 2 year’s work experience in trading, marine and shipping operations
  • Experience - previous commercial shipping experience or sea going experience at a minimum rank of 2/O or C/O. Preferable experience in Trading /Marine logistics /Shipping operations.
  • Communication – communicates in a clear, concise manner both orally and in writing.
  • Teamwork – Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with a diverse team of co-workers, contractors, and internal and external customers.
  • Possesses a keen business sense - able to apply commercial understanding to support customer business, save expense and generate profit, in a safe & environmentally responsible manner.

Preferred Qualification/s

  • Marine related disciplines


Job location