Cargo ship boarded by armed pirates at Conakry anchorage, Guinea UPDATE robbed but safe

Post Date: 01/12/2020


The Cargo ship was boarded by armed pirates at around 0300 UTC Nov 30 in Conakry Anchorage waters, Guinea, West Africa. According to ships tracks and time/position of the attack,  attacked ship most probably is a Turkish general cargo ship TANGO REY. The ship docked at Conakry port on Nov 25, on Nov 26 she moved to Conakry anchorage and anchored in position where an attack took place. She left the anchorage and moved to the port in about 4 hours after attack time, berthed. As of morning Dec 1, she remained berthed. Ship’s ID is not yet confirmed, no other details of the attack available, as of 0320 UTC Dec 1. Awaiting ship’s ID confirmation, updates.
UPDATE: Confirmed TANGO REY was attacked, 6 armed pirates boarded the ship and looted superstructure, living quarters, taking with them all personal and ship’s valuables they were able to find. 14 crew are safe.

General cargo ship TANGO REY, IMO 9214185, dwt 8600, built 2001, flag Vanuatu, manager TANGO GEMICILIK SAN VE TIC LTD, Istanbul.