Vessel Disinfection Service Launched in Rotterdam

Post Date: 02/01/2021

Rotterdam-based company has launched a new service to help vessel owners and crew respond to COVID-19 outbreaks. The service includes complete disinfection of closed areas on a vessel, as well as care for the crew - including sanitized transfers between the vessel and COVID-safe accommodation in Rotterdam – during the treatment.

Nico Vroom, CEO,, said, “Despite strong regulations and safety procedures, COVID-19 can still sneak onboard and we are seeing more vessels being disinfected as outbreaks continue. Our team of specialists has the experience, resources and knowledge to clean and disinfect any closed space within vessels of any type.”

Vessels are treated using a highly effective equipment approved by the UN and the World Health Organization. Nebulizers create a fine disinfectant mist that quickly cover surfaces, enabling the vessel to reenter service as soon as possible pending a safety check after surfaces have dried. has experience sanitizing workplaces including airports, public transport facilities, shopping centers and offices as well as ships. The company’s processes target both visible dirt and invisible organic material to eliminate microorganisms.

Courtesy: Marine Link